Retrieves a list of custom user settings for a single user.

Custom settings provide a flexible way to store and retrieve custom user information that can be used in your own system.

Note: Custom user settings are not the same as user account settings.

###Getting Grouped Custom User Settings###

If the custom user settings you want to retrieve are grouped, you must include the following information in the header, after Content-Type, in the request:


Where the group_name is your designated name for the group of customer user settings.

If the extra header information is not included, only the custom user settings that were added without a group are retrieved.


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId}/custom_settings


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

userId string

The user ID of the user being accessed. Generally this is the user ID of the authenticated user, but if the authenticated user is an Admin on the account, this may be another user the Admin user is accessing.


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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Users' custom settings


The name/value pair information for the user custom setting.


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


errorDetails errorDetails
name string

The name or key of a name/value pair.

originalValue string

The initial value of the tab when it was sent to the recipient.

value string

The value field of a name/value pair.


Generic JSON Response


"customSettings": [

Generic XML Response



<nameValue />