Retrieves the bulk recipient file information from a template that has a bulk recipient.


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/templates/{templateId}/recipients/{recipientId}/bulk_recipients


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

recipientId string

The recipientId used when the envelope or template was created.

templateId string

The ID of the template being accessed.

Optional query parameters
include_tabs string

When set to true, the tab information associated with the recipient is included in the response.

start_position string

Reserved for DocuSign.


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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Template bulk recipients


A complex type containing information about the bulk recipients in the response.

endPosition string

The last position in the result set.

nextUri string

The URI for the next chunk of records based on the search request. It is null if this is the last set of results for the search.

previousUri string

The URI for the prior chunk of records based on the search request. It is null if this is the first set of results for the search.

resultSetSize string

The number of results returned in this response.

startPosition string

Starting position of the current result set.

totalSetSize string

The total number of items in the search's result set. It will always be greater than or equal to the value of the resultSetSize field.


accessCode string

If a value is provided, the recipient must enter the value as the access code to view and sign the envelope.

Maximum Length: 50 characters and it must conform to the account's access code format setting.

If blank, but the signer accessCode property is set in the envelope, then that value is used.

If blank and the signer accessCode property is not set, then the access code is not required.

email string

Specifies the recipient's email address.

Maximum length: 100 characters.


Array or errors.

identification string

Specifies the authentication check used for the signer. If blank then no authentication check is required for the signer. Only one value can be used in this field.

The acceptable values are:

  • KBA: Enables the normal ID check authentication set up for your account.
  • Phone: Enables phone authentication.
  • SMS: Enables SMS authentication.
name string

Specifies the recipient's name.

Maximum length: 50 characters.

note string

A note sent to the recipient in the signing email. This note is unique to this recipient. In the user interface, it appears near the upper left corner of the document on the signing screen.

Maximum Length: 1000 characters.

phoneNumber string

This is only used if the Identification field value is Phone or SMS. The value for this field can be a valid telephone number or, if Phone, usersupplied (SMS authentication cannot use a user supplied number). Parenthesis and dashes can be used in the telephone number.

If usersupplied is used, the signer supplies his or her own telephone number.

rowNumber string

Specifies values used to populate recipient tabs with information. This allows each bulk recipient signer to have different values for their associated tabs. Any number of tabLabel columns can be added to the bulk recipient file.

The information used in the bulk recipient file header must be the same as the tabLabel for the tab.

The values entered in this column are automatically inserted into the corresponding tab for the recipient in the same row.

Note that this option cannot be used for tabs that do not have data or that are automatically populated data such as Signature, Full Name, Email Address, Company, Title, and Date Signed tabs.


name string
value string

Specifies the value of the tab.


name string
value string

Specifies the value of the tab.


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


Generic JSON Response


"bulkRecipients": [
"rowNumber": "sample string 1",
"email": "sample string 2",
"name": "sample string 3",
"note": "sample string 4",
"accessCode": "sample string 5",
"identification": "sample string 6",
"phoneNumber": "sample string 7",
"tabLabels": [
"name": "sample string 1",
"value": "sample string 2"
"recipientSignatureProviderInfo": [
"name": "sample string 1",
"value": "sample string 2"
"errorDetails": [
"errorCode": "sample string 1",
"message": "sample string 2"
"resultSetSize": "sample string 1",
"startPosition": "sample string 2",
"endPosition": "sample string 3",
"totalSetSize": "sample string 4",
"nextUri": "sample string 5",
"previousUri": "sample string 6"

Generic XML Response



<accessCode>sample string 5</accessCode>
<email>sample string 2</email>
<errorCode>sample string 1</errorCode>
<message>sample string 2</message>
<identification>sample string 6</identification>
<name>sample string 3</name>
<note>sample string 4</note>
<phoneNumber>sample string 7</phoneNumber>
<name>sample string 1</name>
<value>sample string 2</value>
<rowNumber>sample string 1</rowNumber>
<name>sample string 1</name>
<value>sample string 2</value>
<endPosition>sample string 3</endPosition>
<nextUri>sample string 5</nextUri>
<previousUri>sample string 6</previousUri>
<resultSetSize>sample string 1</resultSetSize>
<startPosition>sample string 2</startPosition>
<totalSetSize>sample string 4</totalSetSize>