SigningGroups Resource

The SigningGroups resource provides methods that allow you manage signing groups.

Signing Groups allow you to create a group of people to which an envelope is sent. Any member of that group can open an envelope and sign the documents in the envelope with their own signature, even though a signature field was not directly assigned to them. When the Signing Group option is used, group members that open and sign the envelope are tracked in the envelope history and certificate.

When one group member opens the envelope, it is temporarily locked and if other members try to open the envelope they will see a message saying the envelope is currently opened. If the group member exits the envelope without finishing the lock expires, allowing other group members to open and complete the envelope.

When the envelope is complete, all members of the group will receive a completed notification and can access the completed envelope. The envelope history and Certificate of Completion will show that the envelope was sent to a signing group and record which members viewed and signed the envelope.

An account can have a maximum of 50 signing groups. Each signing group can have a maximum of 50 group members.

The Signing Groups feature is only supported in certain DocuSign Enterprise and System Automated Premium plans. Your account might not support this option. To access this functionality, contact your Account Manager or DocuSign Support ( for assistance.


Method Description
create POST /v2/accounts/{accountId}/signing_groups

Creates a signing group.

delete DELETE /v2/accounts/{accountId}/signing_groups

Deletes one or more signing groups.

get GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/signing_groups/{signingGroupId}

Gets information about a signing group.

list GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/signing_groups

Gets a list of the Signing Groups in an account.

update PUT /v2/accounts/{accountId}/signing_groups/{signingGroupId}

Updates a signing group.

updateList PUT /v2/accounts/{accountId}/signing_groups

Updates signing group names.