Folders: listItems

Retrieves a list of the envelopes in the specified folder. You can narrow the query by specifying search criteria in the query string parameters.


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/folders/{folderId}


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

folderId string

The ID of the folder being accessed.

Optional query parameters
from_date string

Only return items on or after this date. If no value is provided, the default search is the previous 30 days.

owner_email string

The email of the folder owner.

owner_name string

The name of the folder owner.

search_text string

The search text used to search the items of the envelope. The search looks at recipient names and emails, envelope custom fields, sender name, and subject.

start_position string

The position of the folder items to return. This is used for repeated calls, when the number of envelopes returned is too much for one return (calls return 100 envelopes at a time). The default value is 0.

status string

A comma-separated list of current envelope statuses to included in the response. Possible values are:

  • completed
  • created
  • declined
  • deleted
  • delivered
  • processing
  • sent
  • signed
  • timedout
  • voided

The any value is equivalent to any status.

to_date string

Only return items up to this date. If no value is provided, the default search is to the current date.


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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configurationType string

If merge field's are being used, specifies the type of the merge field. The only supported value is salesforce.

errorDetails errorDetails
fieldId string

An ID used to specify a custom field.

name string
required string

When set to true, the signer is required to fill out this tab

show string

A boolean indicating if the value should be displayed.

value string

The value of the custom field.


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


completedDateTime string

Specifies the date and time this item was completed.

createdDateTime string

Indicates the date and time the item was created.


An optional array of strings that allows the sender to provide custom data about the recipient. This information is returned in the envelope status but otherwise not used by DocuSign. Each customField string can be a maximum of 100 characters.

description string

A sender-defined description of the line item.

envelopeId string

The envelope ID of the envelope status that failed to post.

envelopeUri string

Contains a URI for an endpoint that you can use to retrieve the envelope or envelopes.

is21CFRPart11 string

When set to true, indicates that this module is enabled on the account.

isSignatureProviderEnvelope string
lastModified string

Utc date and time the comment was last updated (can only be done by creator.)

name string
ownerName string

Name of the envelope owner.

pageCount integer (int32)
password string
senderEmail string
senderName string

Name of the envelope sender.

sentDateTime string

The date and time the envelope was sent.

shared string

When set to true, this custom tab is shared.

status string

Indicates the envelope status. Valid values are:

  • sent - The envelope is sent to the recipients.
  • created - The envelope is saved as a draft and can be modified and sent later.
subject string
templateId string

The unique identifier of the template. If this is not provided, DocuSign will generate a value.

uri string


endPosition string

The last position in the result set.


A list of the envelopes in the specified folder or folders.

nextUri string

The URI for the next chunk of records based on the search request. It is null if this is the last set of results for the search.

previousUri string

The URI for the prior chunk of records based on the search request. It is null if this is the first set of results for the search.

resultSetSize string

The number of results returned in this response.

startPosition string

Starting position of the current result set.

totalSetSize string

The total number of items in the search's result set. It will always be greater than or equal to the value of the resultSetSize field.


Generic JSON Response


"resultSetSize": "sample string 1",
"startPosition": "sample string 2",
"endPosition": "sample string 3",
"totalSetSize": "sample string 4",
"previousUri": "sample string 5",
"nextUri": "sample string 6",
"folderItems": [
"ownerName": "sample string 1",
"envelopeId": "sample string 2",
"envelopeUri": "sample string 3",
"status": "sample string 4",
"senderName": "sample string 5",
"senderEmail": "sample string 6",
"createdDateTime": "sample string 7",
"sentDateTime": "sample string 8",
"completedDateTime": "sample string 9",
"subject": "sample string 10",
"templateId": "sample string 11",
"name": "sample string 12",
"shared": "sample string 13",
"password": "sample string 14",
"description": "sample string 15",
"lastModified": "sample string 16",
"pageCount": 17,
"uri": "sample string 18",
"is21CFRPart11": "sample string 19",
"isSignatureProviderEnvelope": "sample string 20",
"customFields": [
"fieldId": "sample string 1",
"name": "sample string 2",
"show": "sample string 3",
"required": "sample string 4",
"value": "sample string 5",
"configurationType": "sample string 6",
"errorDetails": {
"errorCode": "sample string 1",
"message": "sample string 2"

Generic XML Response



<endPosition>sample string 3</endPosition>
<completedDateTime>sample string 9</completedDateTime>
<createdDateTime>sample string 7</createdDateTime>
<configurationType>sample string 6</configurationType>
<errorCode>sample string 1</errorCode>
<message>sample string 2</message>
<fieldId>sample string 1</fieldId>
<name>sample string 2</name>
<required>sample string 4</required>
<show>sample string 3</show>
<value>sample string 5</value>
<description>sample string 15</description>
<envelopeId>sample string 2</envelopeId>
<envelopeUri>sample string 3</envelopeUri>
<is21CFRPart11>sample string 19</is21CFRPart11>
<isSignatureProviderEnvelope>sample string 20</isSignatureProviderEnvelope>
<lastModified>sample string 16</lastModified>
<name>sample string 12</name>
<ownerName>sample string 1</ownerName>
<password>sample string 14</password>
<senderEmail>sample string 6</senderEmail>
<senderName>sample string 5</senderName>
<sentDateTime>sample string 8</sentDateTime>
<shared>sample string 13</shared>
<status>sample string 4</status>
<subject>sample string 10</subject>
<templateId>sample string 11</templateId>
<uri>sample string 18</uri>
<nextUri>sample string 6</nextUri>
<previousUri>sample string 5</previousUri>
<resultSetSize>sample string 1</resultSetSize>
<startPosition>sample string 2</startPosition>
<totalSetSize>sample string 4</totalSetSize>