Retrieves information about the requested custom tab on the specified account.


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/tab_definitions/{customTabId}


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

customTabId string


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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Custom tabs

anchor string

An optional string that is used to auto-match tabs to strings located in the documents of an envelope.

anchorCaseSensitive string

Reserved for DocuSign.

anchorHorizontalAlignment string

Reserved for DocuSign.

anchorIgnoreIfNotPresent string

When set to true, this tab is ignored if anchorString is not found in the document.

anchorMatchWholeWord string

Reserved for DocuSign.

anchorUnits string

Specifies units of the X and Y offset. Units could be pixels, millimeters, centimeters, or inches.

anchorXOffset string

Specifies the X axis location of the tab, in achorUnits, relative to the anchorString.

anchorYOffset string

Specifies the Y axis location of the tab, in achorUnits, relative to the anchorString.

bold string

When set to true, the information in the tab is bold.

concealValueOnDocument string

When set to true, the field appears normally while the recipient is adding or modifying the information in the field, but the data is not visible (the characters are hidden by asterisks) to any other signer or the sender.

When an envelope is completed the information is available to the sender through the Form Data link in the DocuSign Console.

This setting applies only to text boxes and does not affect list boxes, radio buttons, or check boxes.

createdByDisplayName string

The user name of the DocuSign user who created this object.

createdByUserId string

The userId of the DocuSign user who created this object.

customTabId string

The DocuSign generated custom tab ID for the custom tab to be applied. This can only be used when adding new tabs for a recipient. When used, the new tab inherits all the custom tab properties.

disableAutoSize string

When set to true, disables the auto sizing of single line text boxes in the signing screen when the signer enters data. If disabled users will only be able enter as much data as the text box can hold. By default this is false. This property only affects single line text boxes.

editable string

When set to true, the custom tab is editable. Otherwise the custom tab cannot be modified.

font string

The font to be used for the tab value. Supported Fonts include:

  • Default
  • Arial
  • ArialNarrow
  • Calibri
  • CourierNew
  • Garamond
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica
  • LucidaConsole
  • MSGothic
  • MSMincho
  • OCR-A
  • Tahoma
  • TimesNewRoman
  • Trebuchet
  • Verdana
fontColor string

The font color used for the information in the tab. Possible values are:

  • Black
  • BrightBlue
  • BrightRed
  • DarkGreen
  • DarkRed
  • Gold
  • Green
  • NavyBlue
  • Purple
  • White
fontSize string

The font size used for the information in the tab. Possible values are:

  • Size7
  • Size8
  • Size9
  • Size10
  • Size11
  • Size12
  • Size14
  • Size16
  • Size18
  • Size20
  • Size22
  • Size24
  • Size26
  • Size28
  • Size36
  • Size48
  • Size72
height string

Height of the tab in pixels.

includedInEmail string

When set to true, the tab is included in e-mails related to the envelope on which it exists. This applies to only specific tabs.

initialValue string

The original value of the tab.

italic string

When set to true, the information in the tab is italic.


If the tab is a list, this represents the values that are possible for the tab.

lastModified string

The UTC DateTime this object was last modified. This is in ISO8601 format.

lastModifiedByDisplayName string

The User Name of the DocuSign user who last modified this object.

lastModifiedByUserId string

The userId of the DocuSign user who last modified this object.

locked string

When set to true, the signer cannot change the data of the custom tab.

maximumLength string

The maximum number of entry characters supported by the custom tab.

mergeField mergeField
name string
required string

When set to true, the signer is required to fill out this tab

scaleValue string
shared string

When set to true, this custom tab is shared.

stampType string
stampTypeMetadata propertyMetadata
tabLabel string

The label string associated with the tab. The string may be the empty string. If no value is provided, the tab type is used as the value.

Maximum of 500 characters.

type string

The type of this tab. Values are:

  • Approve
  • CheckBox
  • Company
  • Date
  • DateSigned, Decline
  • Email, EmailAddress
  • EnvelopeId
  • FirstName
  • Formula
  • FullName, InitialHere
  • InitialHereOptional
  • LastName
  • List
  • Note
  • Number
  • Radio
  • SignerAttachment
  • SignHere
  • SignHereOptional
  • Ssn
  • Text
  • Title
  • Zip5
  • Zip5Dash4
underline string

When set to true, the information in the tab is underlined.

validationMessage string

The message displayed if the custom tab fails input validation (either custom of embedded).

validationPattern string

A regular expressionn used to validate input for the tab.

width string

Width of the tab in pixels.


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


Contains information for transfering values between Salesforce data fields and DocuSign Tabs.

allowSenderToEdit string

When set to true, the sender can modify the value of the custom tab during the sending process.

configurationType string

If merge field's are being used, specifies the type of the merge field. The only supported value is salesforce.

path string

Sets the object associated with the custom tab. Currently this is the Salesforce Object.

row string

Specifies the row number in a Salesforce table that the merge field value corresponds to.

writeBack string

When wet to true, the information entered in the tab automatically updates the related Salesforce data when an envelope is completed.


rights string


Generic JSON Response


"font": "sample string 1",
"bold": "sample string 2",
"italic": "sample string 3",
"underline": "sample string 4",
"fontColor": "sample string 5",
"fontSize": "sample string 6",
"anchor": "sample string 7",
"anchorXOffset": "sample string 8",
"anchorYOffset": "sample string 9",
"anchorUnits": "sample string 10",
"anchorIgnoreIfNotPresent": "sample string 11",
"anchorMatchWholeWord": "sample string 12",
"anchorCaseSensitive": "sample string 13",
"anchorHorizontalAlignment": "sample string 14",
"height": "sample string 15",
"width": "sample string 16",
"customTabId": "sample string 17",
"initialValue": "sample string 18",
"includedInEmail": "sample string 19",
"disableAutoSize": "sample string 20",
"concealValueOnDocument": "sample string 21",
"locked": "sample string 22",
"required": "sample string 23",
"shared": "sample string 24",
"items": [
"sample string 1"
"tabLabel": "sample string 25",
"maximumLength": "sample string 26",
"scaleValue": "sample string 27",
"name": "sample string 28",
"type": "sample string 29",
"validationMessage": "sample string 30",
"validationPattern": "sample string 31",
"lastModifiedByUserId": "sample string 32",
"lastModifiedByDisplayName": "sample string 33",
"lastModified": "sample string 34",
"createdByUserId": "sample string 35",
"createdByDisplayName": "sample string 36",
"editable": "sample string 37",
"mergeField": {
"configurationType": "sample string 1",
"path": "sample string 2",
"writeBack": "sample string 3",
"allowSenderToEdit": "sample string 4",
"row": "sample string 5"
"stampType": "sample string 38",
"stampTypeMetadata": {
"rights": "sample string 1",
"options": [
"sample string 1"

Generic XML Response



<anchor>sample string 7</anchor>
<anchorCaseSensitive>sample string 13</anchorCaseSensitive>
<anchorHorizontalAlignment>sample string 14</anchorHorizontalAlignment>
<anchorIgnoreIfNotPresent>sample string 11</anchorIgnoreIfNotPresent>
<anchorMatchWholeWord>sample string 12</anchorMatchWholeWord>
<anchorUnits>sample string 10</anchorUnits>
<anchorXOffset>sample string 8</anchorXOffset>
<anchorYOffset>sample string 9</anchorYOffset>
<bold>sample string 2</bold>
<concealValueOnDocument>sample string 21</concealValueOnDocument>
<createdByDisplayName>sample string 36</createdByDisplayName>
<createdByUserId>sample string 35</createdByUserId>
<customTabId>sample string 17</customTabId>
<disableAutoSize>sample string 20</disableAutoSize>
<editable>sample string 37</editable>
<font>sample string 1</font>
<fontColor>sample string 5</fontColor>
<fontSize>sample string 6</fontSize>
<height>sample string 15</height>
<includedInEmail>sample string 19</includedInEmail>
<initialValue>sample string 18</initialValue>
<italic>sample string 3</italic>

<d2p1:string>sample string 1</d2p1:string>
<lastModified>sample string 34</lastModified>
<lastModifiedByDisplayName>sample string 33</lastModifiedByDisplayName>
<lastModifiedByUserId>sample string 32</lastModifiedByUserId>
<locked>sample string 22</locked>
<maximumLength>sample string 26</maximumLength>
<allowSenderToEdit>sample string 4</allowSenderToEdit>
<configurationType>sample string 1</configurationType>
<path>sample string 2</path>
<row>sample string 5</row>
<writeBack>sample string 3</writeBack>
<name>sample string 28</name>
<required>sample string 23</required>
<scaleValue>sample string 27</scaleValue>
<shared>sample string 24</shared>
<stampType>sample string 38</stampType>
<string>sample string 1</string>
<rights>sample string 1</rights>
<tabLabel>sample string 25</tabLabel>
<type>sample string 29</type>
<underline>sample string 4</underline>
<validationMessage>sample string 30</validationMessage>
<validationPattern>sample string 31</validationPattern>
<width>sample string 16</width>