Retrieves the specified Connect log entry for your account.

Note: The enableLog setting in the Connect configuration must be set to true to enable logging. If logging is not enabled, then no log entries are recorded.


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/connect/logs/{logId}


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

logId string

The ID of the connect log entry

Optional query parameters
additional_info string

When true, the connectDebugLog information is included in the response.


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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connectConfig string
errorDetails errorDetails
eventDateTime string
eventDescription string
payload string


accountId string

The account ID associated with the envelope.

configUrl string

The web address of the listener or Retrieving Service end point for Connect.


A complex element containing information about the Connect configuration, error details, date/time, description and payload.

This is only included in the response if the query additional_info=true is used.

connectId string

The identifier for the Connect configuration that failed. If an account has multiple Connect configurations, this value is used to look up the Connect configuration for the failed post.

created string

The date and time the entry was created.

email string

The email that sent the envelope.

envelopeId string

The envelope ID of the envelope status that failed to post.

error string

The error that caused the Connect post to fail.

failureId string

The failure log ID for the failure.

failureUri string

The URI for the failure.

lastTry string

The date and time the last attempt to post.

logId string

The Connect log ID for the entry.

logUri string

The URI for the log item.

retryCount string

The number of times the Connect post has been retried.

retryUri string

The UEI to retry to publish the Connect failure.

status string

The new envelope status for the failed Connect post. The possible values are: Any, Voided, Created, Deleted, Sent, Delivered, Signed, Completed, Declined, TimedOut, Template, or Processing.

subject string

The envelope subject.

userName string

The name of the envelope sender.


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


Generic JSON Response


"accountId": "sample string 1",
"envelopeId": "sample string 2",
"subject": "sample string 3",
"created": "sample string 4",
"userName": "sample string 5",
"email": "sample string 6",
"status": "sample string 7",
"lastTry": "sample string 8",
"retryCount": "sample string 9",
"error": "sample string 10",
"connectId": "sample string 11",
"configUrl": "sample string 12",
"logUri": "sample string 13",
"logId": "sample string 14",
"failureUri": "sample string 15",
"failureId": "sample string 16",
"retryUri": "sample string 17",
"connectDebugLog": [
"eventDateTime": "sample string 1",
"connectConfig": "sample string 2",
"eventDescription": "sample string 3",
"payload": "sample string 4",
"errorDetails": {
"errorCode": "sample string 1",
"message": "sample string 2"

Generic XML Response



<accountId>sample string 1</accountId>
<configUrl>sample string 12</configUrl>
<connectConfig>sample string 2</connectConfig>
<errorCode>sample string 1</errorCode>
<message>sample string 2</message>
<eventDateTime>sample string 1</eventDateTime>
<eventDescription>sample string 3</eventDescription>
<payload>sample string 4</payload>
<connectId>sample string 11</connectId>
<created>sample string 4</created>
<email>sample string 6</email>
<envelopeId>sample string 2</envelopeId>
<error>sample string 10</error>
<failureId>sample string 16</failureId>
<failureUri>sample string 15</failureUri>
<lastTry>sample string 8</lastTry>
<logId>sample string 14</logId>
<logUri>sample string 13</logUri>
<retryCount>sample string 9</retryCount>
<retryUri>sample string 17</retryUri>
<status>sample string 7</status>
<subject>sample string 3</subject>
<userName>sample string 5</userName>