Retrieves the status information of a single bulk recipient batch. A bulk recipient batch is the set of envelopes sent from a single bulk recipient file.


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/bulk_envelopes/{batchId}


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

batchId string
Optional query parameters
count string

Specifies the number of entries to return.

include string

Specifies which entries are included in the response. Multiple entries can be included by using commas in the query string (example: ?include="failed,queued")

Valid values:

  • all - Returns all entries. If present, overrides all other query settings. This is the default if no query string is provided.
  • failed - Entries with a failed status.
  • processing - Entries with a processing status.
  • queued - Entries with a queued status.
  • sent - Entries with a sent status.
start_position string

Specifies the location in the list of envelopes from which to start.


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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bulkRecipientRow string

Reserved: TBD

bulkStatus string

Indicates the status of the bulk send operation. Returned values can be:

  • queued
  • processing
  • sent
  • failed
email string
envelopeId string

The envelope ID of the envelope status that failed to post.

envelopeUri string

Contains a URI for an endpoint that you can use to retrieve the envelope or envelopes.

errorDetails errorDetails
name string
submittedDateTime string
transactionId string

Used to identify an envelope. The id is a sender-generated value and is valid in the DocuSign system for 7 days. It is recommended that a transaction ID is used for offline signing to ensure that an envelope is not sent multiple times. The transactionId property can be used determine an envelope's status (i.e. was it created or not) in cases where the internet connection was lost before the envelope status was returned.


batchId string

Specifies an identifier which can be used to retrieve a more detailed status of individual bulk recipient batches.

batchSize string

The number of items returned in this response.


Reserved: TBD

bulkEnvelopesBatchUri string

Reserved: TBD

endPosition string

The last position in the result set.

failed string

The number of entries with a status of failed.

nextUri string

The URI for the next chunk of records based on the search request. It is null if this is the last set of results for the search.

previousUri string

The URI for the prior chunk of records based on the search request. It is null if this is the first set of results for the search.

queued string

The number of entries with a status of queued.

resultSetSize string

The number of results returned in this response.

sent string

The number of entries with a status of sent.

startPosition string

Starting position of the current result set.

submittedDate string
totalSetSize string

The total number of items in the search's result set. It will always be greater than or equal to the value of the resultSetSize field.


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


Generic JSON Response


"batchSize": "sample string 1",
"batchId": "sample string 2",
"bulkEnvelopesBatchUri": "sample string 3",
"failed": "sample string 4",
"queued": "sample string 5",
"sent": "sample string 6",
"submittedDate": "sample string 7",
"resultSetSize": "sample string 8",
"startPosition": "sample string 9",
"endPosition": "sample string 10",
"totalSetSize": "sample string 11",
"nextUri": "sample string 12",
"previousUri": "sample string 13",
"bulkEnvelopes": [
"transactionId": "sample string 1",
"submittedDateTime": "sample string 2",
"envelopeId": "sample string 3",
"envelopeUri": "sample string 4",
"bulkRecipientRow": "sample string 5",
"name": "sample string 6",
"email": "sample string 7",
"bulkStatus": "sample string 8",
"errorDetails": {
"errorCode": "sample string 1",
"message": "sample string 2"

Generic XML Response



<batchId>sample string 2</batchId>
<batchSize>sample string 1</batchSize>
<bulkRecipientRow>sample string 5</bulkRecipientRow>
<bulkStatus>sample string 8</bulkStatus>
<email>sample string 7</email>
<envelopeId>sample string 3</envelopeId>
<envelopeUri>sample string 4</envelopeUri>
<errorCode>sample string 1</errorCode>
<message>sample string 2</message>
<name>sample string 6</name>
<submittedDateTime>sample string 2</submittedDateTime>
<transactionId>sample string 1</transactionId>
<bulkEnvelopesBatchUri>sample string 3</bulkEnvelopesBatchUri>
<endPosition>sample string 10</endPosition>
<failed>sample string 4</failed>
<nextUri>sample string 12</nextUri>
<previousUri>sample string 13</previousUri>
<queued>sample string 5</queued>
<resultSetSize>sample string 8</resultSetSize>
<sent>sample string 6</sent>
<startPosition>sample string 9</startPosition>
<submittedDate>sample string 7</submittedDate>
<totalSetSize>sample string 11</totalSetSize>