Authentication Resource

The Authentication resource provides access to methods that allow you to authenticate user credentials and change a user's password.

The methods in this resource are suitable only for service integrations that use Legacy Header Authentication. For authentication methods for user applications and to learn more about DocuSign authentication see Authentication Overview.

When accessing the API resources, the GET Authentication:login method is the first request you make. It allows you to determine whether a user is authenticated and provides the information you will need to make subsequent API requests.


Method Description
getOAuthToken POST /v2/oauth2/token

Deprecated Creates an authorization token.

login GET /v2/login_information

Gets login information for a specified user.

revokeOAuthToken POST /v2/oauth2/revoke

Deprecated Revokes an authorization token.

updatePassword PUT /v2/login_information/{loginPart}

Updates the password for a specified user.