Accounts: getBillingCharges

Retrieves the list of recurring and usage charges for the account. This can be used to determine the charge structure and usage of charge plan items.

Privileges required: account administrator


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/billing_charges


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

Optional query parameters
include_charges string

Specifies which billing charges to return. Valid values are:

  • envelopes
  • seats


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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Contains information about a billing charge.

allowedQuantity string

Reserved: TBD

blocked string

Reserved: TBD

chargeName string

Provides information on what services the charge item is for.

The following table provides a description of the different chargeName values available at this time.

chargeName Description
id_check ID Check Charge
in_person_signing In Person Signing charge
envelopes Included Sent Envelopes for the account
age_verify Age verification check
ofac OFAC Check
id_confirm ID confirmation check
student_authentication STAN PIN authentication check
wet_sign_fax Pages for returning signed documents by fax
attachment_fax Pages for returning attachments by fax
phone_authentication Phone authentication charge
powerforms PowerForm envelopes sent
signer_payments Payment processing charge
outbound_fax Send by fax charge
bulk_recipient_envelopes Bulk Recipient Envelopes sent
sms_authentications SMS authentication charge
saml_authentications SAML authentication charge
express_signer_certificate DocuSign Express Certificate charge
personal_signer_certificate Personal Signer Certificate charge
safe_certificate SAFE BioPharma Signer Certificate charge
seats Included active seats charge
open_trust_certificate OpenTrust Signer Certificate charge
chargeType string

Reserved: TBD

chargeUnitOfMeasure string

Reserved: TBD

firstEffectiveDate string
includedQuantity string
incrementalQuantity string

Reserved: TBD

lastEffectiveDate string
unitPrice string

Reserved: TBD

usedQuantity string


Defines a billing charge response object.


Reserved: TBD


beginQuantity string

Reserved: TBD

discount string
endQuantity string


beginQuantity string

Reserved: TBD

endQuantity string
unitPrice string

Reserved: TBD


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


Generic JSON Response


"billingChargeItems": [
"chargeName": "sample string 1",
"chargeType": "sample string 2",
"chargeUnitOfMeasure": "sample string 3",
"allowedQuantity": "sample string 4",
"usedQuantity": "sample string 5",
"includedQuantity": "sample string 6",
"incrementalQuantity": "sample string 7",
"firstEffectiveDate": "sample string 8",
"lastEffectiveDate": "sample string 9",
"unitPrice": "sample string 10",
"blocked": "sample string 11",
"prices": [
"unitPrice": "sample string 1",
"beginQuantity": "sample string 2",
"endQuantity": "sample string 3"
"discounts": [
"endQuantity": "sample string 1",
"beginQuantity": "sample string 2",
"discount": "sample string 3"

Generic XML Response



<allowedQuantity>sample string 4</allowedQuantity>
<blocked>sample string 11</blocked>
<chargeName>sample string 1</chargeName>
<chargeType>sample string 2</chargeType>
<chargeUnitOfMeasure>sample string 3</chargeUnitOfMeasure>
<beginQuantity>sample string 2</beginQuantity>
<discount>sample string 3</discount>
<endQuantity>sample string 1</endQuantity>
<firstEffectiveDate>sample string 8</firstEffectiveDate>
<includedQuantity>sample string 6</includedQuantity>
<incrementalQuantity>sample string 7</incrementalQuantity>
<lastEffectiveDate>sample string 9</lastEffectiveDate>
<beginQuantity>sample string 2</beginQuantity>
<endQuantity>sample string 3</endQuantity>
<unitPrice>sample string 1</unitPrice>
<unitPrice>sample string 10</unitPrice>
<usedQuantity>sample string 5</usedQuantity>