Retrieves the account information for the specified account.

Response The canUpgrade property contains is a Boolean that indicates whether the account can be upgraded through the API.


HTTP request

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
accountId string

The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.

Optional query parameters
include_account_settings string

When set to true, includes the account settings for the account in the response.


Code Description Reference
200 OK Successful response.
400 Bad Request Error encountered.

SDK Method


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Account management

accountIdGuid string

The GUID associated with the account ID.

accountName string

The name of the current account.

allowTransactionRooms string

When set to true, the transaction rooms feature exposed through the Workspaces API is enabled.

billingPeriodDaysRemaining string

Reserved: TBD

billingPeriodEndDate string

Reserved: TBD

billingPeriodEnvelopesAllowed string

Reserved: TBD

billingPeriodEnvelopesSent string

Reserved: TBD

billingPeriodStartDate string

Reserved: TBD

billingProfile string

Reserved: TBD

canCancelRenewal string

Reserved: TBD

canUpgrade string

When set to true, specifies that you can upgrade the account through the API.

connectPermission string
createdDate string
currencyCode string

Specifies the ISO currency code for the account.

currentPlanId string

Identifies the plan that was used create this account.

distributorCode string

The code that identifies the billing plan groups and plans for the new account.

docuSignLandingUrl string
envelopeSendingBlocked string
envelopeUnitPrice string
externalAccountId string
forgottenPasswordQuestionsCount string

A complex element that contains up to four Question/Answer pairs for forgotten password information for a user.

isDowngrade string
paymentMethod string
planClassification string

Identifies the type of plan. Examples include Business, Corporate, Enterprise, Free.

planEndDate string

The date that the current plan will end.

planName string

The name of the Billing Plan.

planStartDate string

The date that the Account started using the current plan.

seatsAllowed string
seatsInUse string
status21CFRPart11 string
suspensionDate string
suspensionStatus string


This object describes errors that occur. It is only valid for responses, and ignored in requests.

errorCode string

An error code associated with the error.

message string

A short error message.


Generic JSON Response


"currentPlanId": "sample string 1",
"planName": "sample string 2",
"planClassification": "sample string 3",
"planStartDate": "sample string 4",
"planEndDate": "sample string 5",
"billingPeriodStartDate": "sample string 6",
"billingPeriodEndDate": "sample string 7",
"billingPeriodEnvelopesSent": "sample string 8",
"billingPeriodEnvelopesAllowed": "sample string 9",
"billingPeriodDaysRemaining": "sample string 10",
"canUpgrade": "sample string 11",
"canCancelRenewal": "sample string 12",
"envelopeSendingBlocked": "sample string 13",
"envelopeUnitPrice": "sample string 14",
"suspensionStatus": "sample string 15",
"suspensionDate": "sample string 16",
"accountName": "sample string 17",
"connectPermission": "sample string 18",
"docuSignLandingUrl": "sample string 19",
"distributorCode": "sample string 20",
"accountIdGuid": "sample string 21",
"externalAccountId": "sample string 22",
"currencyCode": "sample string 23",
"forgottenPasswordQuestionsCount": "sample string 24",
"paymentMethod": "sample string 25",
"seatsAllowed": "sample string 26",
"seatsInUse": "sample string 27",
"createdDate": "sample string 28",
"isDowngrade": "sample string 29",
"billingProfile": "sample string 30",
"status21CFRPart11": "sample string 31",
"allowTransactionRooms": "sample string 32"

Generic XML Response



<accountIdGuid>sample string 21</accountIdGuid>
<accountName>sample string 17</accountName>
<allowTransactionRooms>sample string 32</allowTransactionRooms>
<billingPeriodDaysRemaining>sample string 10</billingPeriodDaysRemaining>
<billingPeriodEndDate>sample string 7</billingPeriodEndDate>
<billingPeriodEnvelopesAllowed>sample string 9</billingPeriodEnvelopesAllowed>
<billingPeriodEnvelopesSent>sample string 8</billingPeriodEnvelopesSent>
<billingPeriodStartDate>sample string 6</billingPeriodStartDate>
<billingProfile>sample string 30</billingProfile>
<canCancelRenewal>sample string 12</canCancelRenewal>
<canUpgrade>sample string 11</canUpgrade>
<connectPermission>sample string 18</connectPermission>
<createdDate>sample string 28</createdDate>
<currencyCode>sample string 23</currencyCode>
<currentPlanId>sample string 1</currentPlanId>
<distributorCode>sample string 20</distributorCode>
<docuSignLandingUrl>sample string 19</docuSignLandingUrl>
<envelopeSendingBlocked>sample string 13</envelopeSendingBlocked>
<envelopeUnitPrice>sample string 14</envelopeUnitPrice>
<externalAccountId>sample string 22</externalAccountId>
<forgottenPasswordQuestionsCount>sample string 24</forgottenPasswordQuestionsCount>
<isDowngrade>sample string 29</isDowngrade>
<paymentMethod>sample string 25</paymentMethod>
<planClassification>sample string 3</planClassification>
<planEndDate>sample string 5</planEndDate>
<planName>sample string 2</planName>
<planStartDate>sample string 4</planStartDate>
<seatsAllowed>sample string 26</seatsAllowed>
<seatsInUse>sample string 27</seatsInUse>
<status21CFRPart11>sample string 31</status21CFRPart11>
<suspensionDate>sample string 16</suspensionDate>
<suspensionStatus>sample string 15</suspensionStatus>