Status and Error Codes

REST API Response Codes

The DocuSign REST APIs return either 200 (OK) or 201 (Created) when an API request successfully runs to completion. Status codes in the 400-500 range indicate failures. For APIs that process a single item, this overall status code determines success or failure. There are special considerations for PUT and POST calls that process multiple items. See Error Response Handling for API Requests that Support Multiple Items for more information on error response handling.

If an API request is not successful, the HTTP response code returned is generally one of the following:

Error Code Description
400 Bad Request A portion of the request made to the API request was not valid or could not be processed in the current context.
401 Unauthorized The authentication or authorization required for the API request did not pass.
404 Not Found The resource does not exist. This might occur on GET or DELETE requests.
415 Unsupported Media Type The data type of some data in the request is not supported. For example: your request may be in XML, but you did not specify Content-Type: application/xml in the request header.

The following error codes occur with much less frequency:

Error Code Description
405 (Method Not Allowed) The HTTP Method (GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE) is not valid for the given resource URI.
500 (Internal Server Error) An internal server-side error has occurred.

In most cases, the response body contains a more detailed errorDetails structure when an error occurs. However, depending on the error, the server might return HTML in place of the errorDetails structure, or nothing in the case of certain error types. The table of Error Codes and Associated Messages lists the possible error codes and messages.

General Error Response Handling

The general flow for response handling is:

if (statusCode == 200 || statusCode == 201)
  // successful call - but do special processing for multi-item PUT & POST requests
else if (statusCode == 404)
  // call was processed but the resource being accessed was not found

  // envelope doesn’t exist, user doesn’t exist, etc. There may not be any more details in the errorDetails response.
else // other errors
  var errorDetails = Json.Decode(response.body);
  if (errorDetails!= null)

   // process errorDetails.errorCode - See table of error codes
   if (errorDetails.message != null)
      // use errorDetails.message to get more information in textual form.

Error Response Handling for API Requests that Support Multiple Items

The DocuSign REST API supports many calls that operate on multiple items, such as adding one or more users to an account or adding one or more documents to a draft envelope. This is done to decrease the number of HTTP requests required to perform some common operations. For API requests that support multiple items, the overall HTTP response code will be 200 (OK) or 201 (Created) if the API request has run to completion, which means all items in the request structure were able to be processed. This response code is returned even if there were failures for individual items in the array.

The response body contains information about each item processed and the structure for each item contains an errorDetails element if that item was not successfully processed.

You are responsible for checking for the errorDetails element for each item in the array to perform proper error handling.

The general response processing logic for these types of APIs is:

if (statusCode == 200 || statusCode == 201)
  // check for errors with each item processed.
  var itemsArray = Json.Decode(response.body);
  foreach(var item in itemsArray)
    if (item.errorDetails != null)
      // an error occurred during processing - handle it
      string errorCode = item.errorDetails.errorCode;
      string errorMessage = item.errorDetails.message;
      // perform error handling based on errorCode
      // item processing was successful
  // statusCode indicated overall error with the request.

Envelope & Recipient Status Codes

Knowing the status of envelopes and recipients at any particular time is important for your workflow. When requesting status for envelopes and recipients, DocuSign returns a status code. The possible values and descriptions are provided in this section.

Envelope Status Code Descriptions

The table below provides descriptions of the Envelope Status Codes.

Envelope Status Description
authoritativecopy The envelope is in an Authoritative state. Only ‘Copy’ views of the documents will be shown.
completed The envelope has been completed by all the recipients.
correct The envelope has been opened by the sender for correction. The signing process is stopped for envelopes with this status.
created The envelope is in a draft state and has not been sent out for signing.
declined The envelope has been declined for signing by one of the recipients.
deleted This is a legacy status and is no longer used.
delivered All recipients have viewed the document(s) in an envelope through the DocuSign signing web site. This is not an email delivery of the documents in an envelope.
sent An email notification with a link to the envelope has been sent to at least one recipient. The envelope remains in this state until all recipients have viewed it at a minimum.
signed The envelope has been signed by all the recipients. This is a temporary state during processing, after which the envelope is automatically moved to Completed status.
template The envelope is a Template.
timedout This is a legacy status and is no longer used.
transfercompleted The envelope has been transferred out of DocuSign to another authority.
voided The envelope has been voided by the sender.

Recipient Status Code Descriptions

The table below provides descriptions of the Recipient Status Codes.

Recipient Status Description
autoresponded The recipient’s email system auto-responded (bounced-back) to the email from DocuSign. This status is used in the web console to inform senders about the bounced-back email. This is only used if ‘Send-on-behalf-of’ is turned off for the account.
completed The recipient has completed their actions (signing or other required actions if not a signer) for an envelope.
created The recipient is in a draft state. This is only associated with draft envelopes (envelopes with a Created status).
declined The recipient declined to sign the document(s) in the envelope.
delivered The recipient has viewed the document(s) in an envelope through the DocuSign signing web site. This is not an email delivery of the documents in an envelope.
faxpending The recipient has finished signing and the system is waiting a fax attachment by the recipient before completing their signing step.
sent The recipient has been sent an email notification that it is their turn to sign an envelope.
signed The recipient has completed (signed) all required tags in an envelope. This is a temporary state during processing, after which the recipient is automatically moved to Completed.

Error Codes and Associated Messages

The following table lists all of the error codes and associated messages. The list is presented in alphabetical order based on the error code.

DocuSign’s SOAP and REST APIs use the same error list. The REST API shows the upper-case error code and the message text, while the SOAP API shows the error number and the message text. In many cases additional information is added to the message string.

Error Code Message (Base)
ACCESS_CODE_IN_WRONG_FORMAT Access code provided is not in the correct format.
ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The accound id did not identify an account in the system.
ACCOUNT_HAS_BEEN_SUSPENDED The specified account is suspended
ACCOUNT_IS_NOT_MANAGED_BY_DISTRIBUTOR The account is not managed by the distributor.
ACCOUNT_LACKS_CUSTOM_TAB_PERMISSION This account lacks sufficient permissions to use custom tab.
ACCOUNT_LACKS_MERGE_FIELD_PERMISSION This account lacks sufficient permissions to use merge Fields.
ACCOUNT_LACKS_PERMISSION_TO_CORRECT_TABS The account lacks sufficient permissions to correct tabs.
ACCOUNT_LACKS_PERMISSIONS This account lacks sufficient permissions.
ACCOUNT_LACKS_PRICING_PLAN The specified account lacks an account pricing plan
ACCOUNT_NOT_AUTHORIZED_FOR_ENVELOPE This account is not authorized to access the requested envelope.
ACCOUNT_PLAN_DOES_NOT_EIXST_IN_SYSTEM The current account plan does not exist in the system.
ACCOUNT_PROVISIONER_INSUFFICIENT_SEATS Insufficient account provisioning distributor seats.
ACCOUNT_SPECIFIED_INVALID The account id provided does not exist, or is improperly formatted.
ACCOUNT_TRANSFER_IN_PROGRESS The account is being transfered to another site.
ACCOUNT_TRANSFERRED, This account has been transferred to another site.
ACTIVATION_FAILED The token for a recipient that has failed activation cannot be generated.
ADDRESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The address id did not identify an address in the system.
ADDRESS_UPDATE_FAILED The address update failed.
ADDRESSBOOK_ACCOUNTNAME_INVALID The account name provided does not exist or is null or empty.
ADDRESSBOOK_ATTEMPTED_UPDATE_FAILED Attempting to update the address book failed.
ADDRESSBOOK_CANTSHARE Invalid address book share permissions.
ADDRESSBOOK_CONTACTID_INVALID The contact id provided does not exist in the address book, or is improperly formatted.
ADDRESSBOOK_DESIGNATION_INVALID Address book designation is not valid.
ADDRESSBOOK_EMAIL_INVALID Invalid email for the address book entry.
ADDRESSBOOK_ID_INVALID Invalid ID for the address book entry.
ADDRESSBOOK_INVALID_RESULT_STATE The address book action resulted in an invalid state.
ADDRESSBOOK_INVALID_SEARCH_CRITERIA The search criteria provided are invalid.
ADDRESSBOOK_INVALID_SHARING_OPTION Only ‘true’ or ‘false’ are valid values for ‘shared’.
ADDRESSBOOK_INVALID_UPDATE_CRITERIA The update criteria provided are invalid.
ADDRESSBOOK_NOTOWNER Invalid owner for the address book entry.
ADDRESSBOOK_USERNAME_INVALID The user name provided was null or empty.
ANCHOR_TAB_STRING_NOT_FOUND The specified anchor tab string was not found in the document.
ANCHOR_TAG_PROCESSING_FAILURE An error occurred during anchor tag processing.
API_DOCGEN_FILE_CREATE File could not be created.
API_DOCGEN_FILE_NO_VALUE File does not contain API documentation.
API_DOCGEN_FILE_NOT_EXIST File does not exist.
API_DOCGEN_FILE_READ File could not be read.
APPSTORE_ERROR App Store error.
APPSTORE_PRODUCTID_MISSING Product id not provided
APPSTORE_RECEIPT_DATA_MISSING Receipt data not provided
AUTHORIZATION_HEADER_REQUIRED Authorization header is required.
AUTHORIZATION_INSUFFICIENT_SCOPE The request requires higher privileges than provided by the access token.
AUTHORIZATION_INVALID_REQUEST The authorization request is malformed.
AUTHORIZATION_INVALID_TOKEN The access token provided is expired, revoked or malformed.
AUTHORIZATION_MAX_ACCESS_TOKENS_EXCEEDED Maximum number of access tokens exceeded.
AUTHORIZATION_REVOKED Authorization has been revoked.
BCC_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ID_NOT_FOUND BCC email address id not found.
BILLING_CHANGES_PENDING Billing changes are pending.
BILLING_INVOICES_NOT_RETRIEVED Billing invoices could not be retrieved.
BILLING_NOT_CONFIGURED Billing not configured in the system.
BILLING_PERIOD_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The current account billing period does not exist in the system.
BILLING_PLAN_ERROR The billing plan could not be changed.
BILLING_PLAN_PREVIEW_ERROR The billing plan could not be previewed.
BILLING_SETUP_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The billing setup is not found in the system.
BILLING_SYSTEM_LOGIN_FAILED Login to billing system failed.
BRAND_CREATE_FAILED Brands could not be created.
BRAND_DELETE_FAILED Brands could not be deleted.
BRAND_LOCKED Brand is locked and cannot be reset.
BRAND_UPDATE_FAILED One or more brands could not be updated.
BULK_ENVELOPE_ACCOUNT_LACKS_PERMISSIONS This account lacks bulk send permissions.
BULK_ENVELOPE_BLANK_CSV_HEADER_FIELD CSV file contains blank header fields.
BULK_ENVELOPE_DUPLICATE_RECIPIENTS Bulk recipient duplicates found.
BULK_ENVELOPE_EMPTY_VALUE Invalid empty value.
BULK_ENVELOPE_FIELD_NOT_SUPPORTED Field not supported for bulk recipient.
BULK_ENVELOPE_FILE_DELETE_FAILED Fail to delete bulk send file.
BULK_ENVELOPE_HAS_NO_BULK_RECIPIENTS Bulk recipient envelope doesn’t have bulk recipients.
BULK_ENVELOPE_INVALID_AUTH_ID Invalid authentication identifier.
BULK_ENVELOPE_INVALID_CSV_LIST Invalid bulk recipient CSV list.
BULK_ENVELOPE_INVALID_CSV_ROW Invalid line in bulk recipient CSV list.
BULK_ENVELOPE_INVALID_PERMISSION_PHONE_AUTH Recipient phone authentication not enabled for account.
BULK_ENVELOPE_INVALID_PERMISSION_SAML_AUTH Recipient SAML authentication not enabled for account.
BULK_ENVELOPE_INVALID_PERMISSION_SMS_AUTH Recipient SMS Authentication not enabled for account.
BULK_ENVELOPE_INVALID_PERMISSION_SOCIAL_AUTH Recipient social Authentication not enabled for account.
BULK_ENVELOPE_MAX_ENVELOPE_EXCEEDED Maximum number of bulk envelope exceeded.
BULK_ENVELOPE_MAX_RECIPIENTS_EXCEEDED Maximum number of bulk recipients was exceeded.
BULK_ENVELOPE_MAX_VALUE_LENGTH_EXCEEDED Maximum length for a value was exceeded.
BULK_ENVELOPE_MUST_HAVE_ACCOUNT Bulk recipient must have an account.
BULK_ENVELOPE_NOT_DRAFT_OR_TEMPLATE The requested envelope is not a draft or template.
BULK_ENVELOPE_ONLY_ONE_BULK_RECIPIENT_ALLOWED Bulk envelope only allows one bulk recipient.
BULK_ENVELOPE_RECIPIENT_NOT_BULK_RECIPIENT Recipient is not a bulk recipient.
BULK_ENVELOPE_RECIPIENT_NOT_BULK_RECIPIENT Recipient is not a bulk recipient.
BULK_ENVELOPE_SEND_FAILED Fail to send bulk envelopes.
BULK_ENVELOPE_SMS_AUTH_PHONE_INVALID SMS authentication phone number cannot be usersupplied.
BULK_ENVELOPE_SMS_AUTH_PHONE_MISSING SMS authentication phone number cannot be empty.
BULK_ENVELOPE_TEMPLATE_IS_TIED_TO_POWERFORM Template that is tied to a powerform is not allowed to bulk send.
BULK_ENVELOPE_USER_LACKS_PERMISSIONS This user lacks bulk send permissions.
CACHE_INVALID_INIT_STRING The initialization string was null or empty.
CACHE_OBJECT_SIZE_EXCEEDED The cache object size has been exceeded.
CANNOT_ADD_DOCUMENT Cannot add the document for the envelope.
CANNOT_ALLOW_MARKUP Account does not have permission to set allow Markup.
CANNOT_ASSIGN_MANAGERS_SAME_ROUTING_ORDER Multiple send to manage Roles (Agent, Editor or Intermediary) cannot be assigned same routing order.
CANNOT_ASSIGN_TAB_TO_MANAGERROLE Send to manage Role (Agent, Editor or Intermediary) cannot have tabs assigned.
CANNOT_DELETE_FROM_RECYCLEBIN Envelopes may not be deleted from the RecycleBin
CANNOT_DELETE_PREDEFINED_FOLDERS You cannot delete predefined system folders.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_DOCUMENT This document cannot be excluded for this recipient.
CANNOT_SEND_TO_AGENT Account does not have permission to send to Agent recipient type.
CANNOT_SEND_TO_CERTIFIED_DELIVERY Account does not have permission to send to Certified Delivery recipient type.
CANNOT_SEND_TO_EDITOR Account does not have permission to send to Editor recipient type.
CANNOT_SEND_TO_INPERSONSIGNER Account does not have permission to send to InPersonSigner recipient type
CANNOT_SEND_TO_INTERMEDIARY Account does not have permission to send to Intermediary recipient type.
CANNOT_SHARE_TO_ADMIN_GROUP Templates are shared to Admin group by default
CAPTIVE_CARBON_COPY_RECIPIENT_NOT_SUPPORTED A carbon copy recipient has been specified as captive. This operation is not supported.
CAPTIVE_IN_PERSON_SIGNER_RECIPIENT_NOT_SUPPORTED Captive recipient cannot be of type InPersonSigner.
CAPTIVE_RECIPIENT_NOT_FOUND The specified captive recipient was not found.
CAPTIVE_RECIPIENT_TOKEN_CLIENTURLS_NULL Invalid RequestRecipientTokenClientURLs value. The clientUrls argument is null.
CAPTIVE_RECIPIENT_TOKEN_CLIENTURLS_NULL Invalid RequestRecipientTokenClientURLs value. The clientUrls argument is null.
CONDITIONALTAB_HAS_INVALID_PARENT A conditional tab references an invalid parent. Parent label must match another tab. Only one parent allowed. Signature tabs may not be parent tabs.
CONNECT_CANNOT_CHANGE_TYPE Connect configuration cannot change type after creation.
CONNECT_ERROR Connect Error.
CONNECT_SERVICE_UNSUPPORTED Connect service does not support object instance search.
CONNECT_SERVICE_USER_LACKS_PERMISSION User lacks permission, not allowed to perform object instance search.
CONSUMER_DISCLOSURE_ACCEPTANCE_REQUIRED Consumer disclosure acceptance is required.
CORRECTED_EMAIL_IS_RESERVED The corrected email(s) are reserved.
CORRECTION_HAS_A_USERNAME_WITH_INVALID_CHARACTERS The specified envelope correction has a username with invalid characters.
CORRECTION_HAS_DUPLICATE_RECIPIENTS The specified envelope corrections have duplicate recipients.
CORRECTION_RESULTS_IN_DUPLICATE_RECIPIENTS The specified envelope corrections result in duplicate recipients.
CREDIT_CARD_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The credit Card does not exist in the system.
CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRED Credit card is expired.
CREDIT_CARD_INVALID_ADDRESS Credit card has invalid address.
CREDIT_CARD_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_CURRENCY The credit Card is not allowed for the specified currency.
CREDIT_CARD_NOT_AUTHORIZED Credit card not authorized.
CREDIT_CARD_UPDATE_FAILED Credit card update failed.
CUSTOM_FIELD_ALREADY_EXISTS Custom field already exists.
CUSTOM_SETTING_NOT_FOUND The specified setting was not found.
CUSTOM_SETTINGS_MAX_EXCEEDED The maximum length for custom settings was exceeded.
CUSTOM_SETTINGS_NOT_FOUND Custom settings were not found.
CUSTOM_TAB_CREATE_FAILED Custom tab create failed.
CUSTOM_TAB_CREATE_FAILED Custom tab create failed.
CUSTOM_TAB_DELETE_FAILED Custom tab delete failed.
CUSTOM_TAB_IS_NULL The Custom Tab is null.
CUSTOM_TAB_IS_NULL The Custom Tab is null.
CUSTOM_TAB_UNSUPPORTED_CONNECT_SERVICE Connect service does not support merge fields.
CUSTOM_TAB_UPDATE_FAILED Custom tab update failed.
CUSTOM_TAB_UPDATE_FAILED Custom tab update failed.
CUSTOMTAB_IS_INCOMPLETE A Custom Tab is not Complete. A Custom Tab requires both a name and a TabLabel.
DECLINE_TO_SIGN_USER_IS_NOT_RECIPIENT User does not match recipient.
DELETED_DRAFTS_CAN_ONLY_BE_MOVED_TO_DRAFTS Deleted draft envelopes can only be moved back to the drafts folder.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_CPF_NUMBER_IS_INVALID Digital signature CPF number is invalid.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_COMBINED_PDF_DOWNLOAD Cannot download documents with digital signatures that have been appended with the certificate of completion because this breaks the digital signatures.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_CORRECT This envelope cannot be corrected because it was already digitally signed, and correcting the envelope would break the digital signature.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_MARKUP Digital certificate does not allow ‘Document Markup’.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_MULTI_RECIPS_AT_SAME_ROUTE Digital certificate does not allow more than one signer in the same routing order.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_NOTARY ‘Sign With Notary’ is not allowed for this envelope because a digital certificate is present. Either remove the digital certificate or disable the ‘Sign With Notary’ option.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_SHARED_TABS Digital certificate does not allow ‘Shared tabs’.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_SIGN_ON_PAPER ‘Sign on Paper’ is not allowed for this envelope because a digital certificate is present. Either remove the digital certificate or disable the ‘Sign on Paper’ option.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_WATER_MARK The watermark feature is not allowed for this envelope because a digital certificate is present. Either remove the digital certificate or disable the watermark account settings.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_THE_RECIPIENT_TYPE Digital signature does not support the recipient type.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_HAS_DUPLICATE_TABS Duplicate digital signatures tabs.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_HAS_INCOMPATIBLE_TABS Digital certificate require a Digital Signature, and all signers in subsequent routing orders can only have Signature and Initial tabs.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_IS_NOT_ENABLED Digital certificate is not enabled for account.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_PROVIDER_IS_UNKNOWN Digital signature provider is unknown.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_REQUIRES_SIGNATURE_TAB Digital certificate requires at least one required, non-conditional Signature or Initials tab.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_REQUIRES_SUBSEQUENT_RECIPIENT_HAS_DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE Digital certificate require a Digital Signature, and all signers in subsequent routing orders must have recipient certificate, and Signature or Initial tabs.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_SIGNATURE_TAB_NOT_PERMITTED, RequireSignerCertificate permission is required to use Digital Signature Tabs.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_SIGNER_ROLE_IS_REQUIRED Digital signature signer role is required.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_WITH_21CFR_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_INPERSON ‘Sign in person’ is not allowed for this envelope because it is required to meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_WITH_21CFR_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_MARKUP Document markup is not allowed for this envelope because it is required to meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_WITH_21CFR_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_NOTARY ‘Sign with notary’ is not allowed for this envelope because it is required to meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_WITH_21CFR_MUST_HAVE_SIGNATURE_TAB Signers that are required to meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance must have at least one required, non-conditional Signature or Initials tab.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_WITH_OPEN_TRUST_HAS_NO_RECIPIENT_AUTH One or more recipients signing with an OpenTrust digital certificate is missing identity information. You must select either Access Code or SMS authentication for these recipients.
DIGITAL_CERTIFICATE_WITH_OPEN_TRUST_HAS_TOO_MANY_TABS Maximum Signature and Initial tag(s) is exceeded on this OpenTrust Protect & Sign Digital Signature Signer.
DISCOUNT_FAILED There is an error selecting the specified discount.
DOCUMENT_DOES_NOT_EXIST The document specified was not found.
DOCUMENT_NAME_NOT_SPECIFIED Document name not specified.
DOCUMENT_PURGE_FAILED Error adding documents to the purge queue.
DOCUMENT_UPDATE_FAILED The document could not be added/updated.
DOCUMENT_UPDATE_NOT_ALLOWED Document update is not allowed.
DOCUMENT_UPLOAD_NOT_ALLOWED Document upload not allowed.
DOCUMENT_UPLOAD_ONLY_PDF_ALLOWED Only PDF document upload allowed.
DOCUMENT_UPLOAD_PDF_NOT_ALLOWED PDF document upload not allowed.
DOCUMENTFIELDNAMETOLONG Document field name to long.
DOCUMENTFIELDVALUETOLONG Document field value to long.
DOMAIN_CHANGE_FAILED The email domain change was not initiated.
DOMAIN_CHANGE_INTERRUPTED The domain change was not successful.
DOMAIN_CHANGE_PARTIALLY_APPLIED The domain change may have been partially successful.
DRAFT_ENVELOPES_CAN_ONLY_BE_MOVED_TO_RECYCLEBIN Draft envelopes can only be moved to the RecycleBin.
DUPLICATE_BCC_EMAIL_ADDRESS Duplicate BCC email address.
DUPLICATE_BCC_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ID Duplicate BCC email Address id specified.
EDIT_LOCK_ENVELOPE_ALREADY_LOCKED The envelope is already locked.
EDIT_LOCK_ENVELOPE_LOCKED The envelope is locked.
EDIT_LOCK_ENVELOPE_NOT_LOCKED The envelope is not locked.
EDIT_LOCK_ERROR Edit lock error.
EDIT_LOCK_FAILED_TO_ACQUIRE_LOCK Failed to acquire the lock.
EDIT_LOCK_FAILED_TO_UPDATE_LOCK Failed to update the lock.
EDIT_LOCK_INVALID_LOCK_DURATION Invalid lock duration value.
EDIT_LOCK_INVALID_STATE_FOR_LOCK Failed to acquire the lock because the envelope status was not ‘created’, ‘sent’ or ‘delivered’.
EDIT_LOCK_NOT_ENABLED Locking for edit is not enabled.
EDIT_LOCK_NOT_LOCK_OWNER The user is not the owner of the lock.
EDIT_LOCK_TEMPLATE_ALREADY_LOCKED The template is already locked.
EDIT_LOCK_TEMPLATE_LOCKED The template is locked.
EDIT_LOCK_TEMPLATE_NOT_LOCKED The template is not locked.
EDIT_SCRATCHPAD_CREATE_ERROR Error creating the scratchpad.
EDIT_SCRATCHPAD_NOT_ENABLED Scratchpad not enabled.
EDIT_SCRATCHPAD_SAVE_ERROR Error saving the scratchpad changes to the database.
EDITOR_MUST_HAVE_ACCOUNT The recipient Editor must be an existing DocuSign account member.
EMAIL_IS_RESERVED The specified email(s) are reserved.
EMAIL_NOT_ACTIVE The email address does not specify an active user.
EMAIL_NOT_SHARED The email address is not shared.
EMAIL_SETTINGS_ALREADY_EXISTS This email settings object already exists.
EMAIL_SETTINGS_NOT_FOUND No email settings were found.
ENVELOPE_AC_EXPORT_COMPLETED Envelope already exported.
ENVELOPE_AC_EXPORT_INVALID_STATUS Envelope is not in the correct export status.
ENVELOPE_AC_EXPORT_NOT_AC_COPY Envelope not authoritative copy.
ENVELOPE_ALLOWANCE_EXCEEDED The envelope allowance for the account has been exceeded.
ENVELOPE_ALREADY_SENT Envelope has already been sent.
ENVELOPE_CANNOT_CORRECT_INVALID_STATE Only envelopes in the ‘Sent’ or ‘Delivered’ states may be corrected.
ENVELOPE_CANNOT_TRANSFER_INVALID_ACSTATUS Envelopes with AC Status - Deposit Pending or Deposited or Deposited As Authoritative Copy or Deposit Failed cannot be transferred.
ENVELOPE_CANNOT_TRANSFER_INVALID_STATE The specified envelope is not in a terminal state and cannot be transferred.
ENVELOPE_CANNOT_USE_TEMPLATEID_FOR_ENVELOPE_OPERATION Cannot use a template id for an envelope operation.
ENVELOPE_CANNOT_VOID_INVALID_STATE Only envelopes in the ‘Sent’ or ‘Delivered’ states may be voided.
ENVELOPE_CUSTOM_FIELD_MISSING A required envelope custom field is missing.
ENVELOPE_DECLINE_TO_SIGN_INVALID_STATUS The envelope is no longer in a status to be signed.
ENVELOPE_DOES_NOT_EXIST The envelope specified either does not exist or you have no rights to it.
ENVELOPE_HAS_BEEN_VOIDED The envelope you are attempting to access has been voided by the sender. For more information, please contact the sender:
ENVELOPE_HAS_DUPLICATE_RECIPIENTS The specified envelope has duplicate recipients.
ENVELOPE_HAS_INSESSION_RECIPIENTS The specified envelope has In-Session recipients.
ENVELOPE_HAS_NO_RECIPIENTS The specified envelope has no recipients.
ENVELOPE_INVALID_STATUS Invalid envelope status.
ENVELOPE_IS_INCOMPLETE The envelope is not complete. A complete envelope requires documents, recipients, tabs, and a subject line.
ENVELOPE_NOT_DRAFT The requested envelope is not a draft.
ENVELOPE_NOT_ENABLED_WETSIGN Sign on paper has not been enabled for this envelope.
ENVELOPE_NOT_IN_FOLDER The envelope does not exist in the folder
ENVELOPE_ONLYTHREECUSTOMFIELDS_ALLOWED Only three custom fields allowed per envelope.
ENVELOPE_TRANSFEREE_ALREADY_OWNS_ENVELOPE The specified transfer recipient of the envelope is already the owner of the envelope.
EXISTING_EORIGINAL_CONNECT There is already any existing eOriginal Connect integration.
EXISTING_SALESFORCE_CONNECT This is already any existing Salesforce Connect integration.
EXTERNAL_DOC_SERVICE_ERROR An error occurred in the external doc service.
EXTERNAL_DOC_SERVICE_NOT_AUTHENTICATED External doc service not authenticated.
FAILED_EMAIL_SENDING Email sending failed.
FAILED_SCHEMA_VALIDATION Schema validation failed. Additional errors follow.
FAILED_TO_CONNECT_TO_SERVICE Unable to connect to the service.
FAILED_TO_CONNECT_TO_SERVICE Unable to connect to the service.
FAILED_TO_CREATE_REQUEST Failed to create the request for the operation.
FAILED_TO_CREATE_RESPONSE Failed to create the response for the operation.
FAX_BACK_MUST_BE_SIGNER Fax recipient Token must be of type Signer.
FAX_ERROR_DOMAIN_INVALID The domain name specified was invalid. This field is required.
FAX_ERROR_INVALID_ENVELOPE_ID The fax entry could not be saved.
FAX_ERROR_NO_MATCHING_FAX_RECORD A corresponding fax status could not be found.
FAX_ERROR_OCCURRED Fax error occurred.
FAX_ERROR_POST_INVALID The POST request for submitting a fax was invalid or not present.
FAX_ERROR_SAVE_FAX_FAILED The envelope fax id provided is invalid (zero or less).
FAX_ERROR_STATUS_REQUEST_INVALID The fax error request was null or empty.
FAX_FAILED_TO_SEND The fax was attempted, but failed to send.
FAX_FORMAT_INVALID The fax could not be read as a PDF.
FAX_INTEGRATOR_NOT_AUTHORIZED The fax provider is not authorized to send or receive faxes.
FAX_RECIPIENT_CORRECT_WAS_SENT Fax Recipient cannot be corrected after sent.
FAX_RECIPIENT_ROUTING Fax Recipient must be the only recipient at a routing order.
FAX_RECIPIENT_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED Fax Recipient Type must be a signer.
FAX_USAGE_NOT_RECORDED Fax usage could not be recorded.
FILTER_END_GREATER_THAN_MAX_ALLOWED Filter End Date is greater than maximum value allowed.
FILTER_END_LESS_THEN_MIN_ALLOWED Filter End Date is less than minimum value allowed.
FILTER_START_EXCEEDS_END Filter Start Date cannot be greater than Filter End Date.
FILTER_START_GREATER_THAN_MAX_ALLOWED Filter Start Date is greater than maximum value allowed.
FILTER_START_LESS_THAN_MIN_ALLOWED Filter Start Date is less than minimum value allowed.
FOLDER_ALREADY_SUBFOLDER Folder is already a sub-folder of the to-folders
FOLDER_CANNOT_BE_MOVED The folder cannot be moved
FOLDER_ID_DEFINED_DURING_ADD The folder id must not be defined when adding a folder.
FOLDER_ID_NOT_FOUND The folder id was not found.
FOLDER_NAME_NOT_DEFINED The name was not specified for the folder.
FOLDER_NOT_FOUND The specified folder id was not found for the user.
FOLDER_UPDATE_FAILED The folder could not be created/updated.
FORMAT_CONVERSION_ERROR The data could not be converted.
FORMAT_CONVERSION_ERROR_INVALID_FILE_TYPE Invalid file type chosen for conversion.
FORMULA_CIRCULAR_REFERENCE Recipient Calculated Fields have a circular reference.
GET_PAGE_IMAGE_FAILED Get page image failed.
GET_PAGE_IMAGE_FAILED Get page image failed.
GET_PAGE_IMAGES_FAILED Get page images failed.
GROUP_INFORMATION_NOT_PROVIDED Group information not provided
HAS_TO_BE_SHARED_TEMPLATE_FOLDER The folder has to be a shared template folder
HOURLY_APIINVOCATION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The maximum number of hourly API invocations has been exceeded.
IN_PERSON_SIGNER_NAME_CANNOT_BE_BLANK For In Person Signer type, the Recipient Signer Name cannot be blank.
IN_PERSON_SIGNING_HOST_MUST_BE_VALID_USER The In Person Signing Host must be a valid and active DocuSign user.
INVALID_ACCESSIBILITY_FORMAT Accessibility format is invalid.
INVALID_ACCOUNT_ID_USER_ID Either the account ID or the user ID is invalid.
INVALID_ACCOUNT_ROLE_SETTINGS The settings for the account role are invalid.
INVALID_ADDITIONAL_MEMBERSHIP_CAPACITY_VALUE Invalid additional membership capacity value.
INVALID_ADDRESS_COUNTRY The value for ‘country’ is not supported.
INVALID_ADDRESS_STATE The value for ‘state’ is not supported.
INVALID_ANCHOR_TAB_STRING The Anchor Tab string format is invalid.
INVALID_API_VERSION The API version specified is not valid.
INVALID_APPTOKEN AppToken is invalid or distributor not found for AppToken
INVALID_BILLING_PLAN_RETIRED The billing plan is retired and cannot be used.
INVALID_BILLING_PLAN_SUCCESSOR Invalid successor billing plan.
INVALID_BILLING_PROFILE The billing profile is invalid for this operation.
INVALID_BRAND Invalid Brand for this account.
INVALID_BRAND_ID The brand identifier is unknown or invalid.
INVALID_BRAND_LOGO The branding logo is unsupported or invalid.
INVALID_BRAND_LOGOTYPE The type of logo is unrecognized.
INVALID_CAPTIVE_RECIPIENT_OPERATION Invalid operation on captive recipient.
INVALID_CHARACTERS_PROVIDED Invalid characters detected
INVALID_CLIENTUSERID Invalid value specified for clientUserId.
INVALID_CONNECT_CONFIGURATION_TYPE Invalid Connect Configuration Type.
INVALID_CONNECT_ID Invalid connect id.
INVALID_CONNECT_LOGID Invalid connect log id.
INVALID_CONTENT_TRANSFER_ENCODING Invalid ‘content transfer encoding’ for envelope.
INVALID_CONTENT_TYPE Content Type specified is not supported.
INVALID_COUNTRY The Country is not valid in the system.
INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRATION Credit Card Expiration is not valid.
INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRATION_YEAR Credit Card Expiration Year is not valid.
INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_INFORMATION The credit card information supplied was not valid.
INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER Credit Card Number is not valid.
INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_TYPE The Credit Card Type is not valid in the system.
INVALID_CSS_COLOR The CSS color is not regognized as a valid and supported W3C-compliant format.
INVALID_CURRENCY The currency is not valid in the system.
INVALID_CURRENCY_REQUEST The currency type cannot be changed.
INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_ID Invalid Custom Field Id.
INVALID_CUSTOM_SETTING_NAME Invalid Custom Setting Name.
INVALID_CUSTOM_TAB_PROPERTY Custom Tab Property is invalid.
INVALID_CUSTOM_TAB_TYPE Custom Tab Type is invalid.
INVALID_CUSTOM_TAB_USER_ID Custom Tab User Id is invalid.
INVALID_DISTRIBUTOR The Distributor specified is not valid.
INVALID_DOCUMENT_ID The DocumentId provided is invalid.
INVALID_DOCUMENT_ORDER Invalid Document Order.
INVALID_DOCUMENT_SEQUENCE Document sequence is invalid.
INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS Invalid email address.
INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS_FOR_RECIPIENT The email address for the recipient is invalid. The recipient Id follows.
INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS_FOR_SENDER The email address for the sender is invalid.
INVALID_EMAILCHANGEFORFEDERATEDUSER Email address for a federated user cannot be changed.
INVALID_ENVELOPE_SUBJECT Invalid Envelope Subject.
INVALID_EXPIRATION_REMINDER_DATA Invalid envelope expiration and/or reminder information provided.
INVALID_FAX_RECIPIENT_SIGNERCERTREQUIREMENT Invalid request for Fax token with a PKI signer certificate requirement.
INVALID_FAXNUMBER Fax Number is invalid.
INVALID_FOLDER_FILTER Invalid value specified for the folder filter.
INVALID_FOLDER_ID A folder ID is missing or invalid.
INVALID_FOLDER_TYPE The folder type specified is not valid.
INVALID_GROUP_ID The MemberGroupId provided is invalid.
INVALID_GROUP_NAME The group name is invalid.
INVALID_INCLUDED_SEATS_VALUE Included seats must be greater than zero and not less than the minimum included seats.
INVALID_INCREMENTAL_SEATS_VALUE Incremental seats must be greater than or equal to zero.
INVALID_INVOICE_ID Invoice Id is not valid
INVALID_LIST_VALUE Value specified is not part of the list item values.
INVALID_LOGIN_STATUS Invalid login status.
INVALID_MULTI_PART_REQUEST An error was found while parsing the multipart request.
INVALID_PAGE_TRANSACTIONID The Page TransactionId is invalid.
INVALID_PAGE_TRANSACTIONID The Page TransactionId is invalid.
INVALID_PARENT_FOLDER_ID Invalid parent folder id.
INVALID_PASSWORD The password is invalid.
INVALID_PASSWORD_CHALLENGE Invalid forgotten password challenge.
INVALID_PAYMENT_ID The Payment Id is not valid
INVALID_PERMISSION_PROFILE_ID The SettingsTemplateId provided is invalid.
INVALID_PERMISSION_PROFILE_NAME The permission profile name is invalid or already in use.
INVALID_PLAN_CURRENCY The plan is not offered in the requested currency.
INVALID_PLAN_FEATURESET The feature set is not configured for the requested plan.
INVALID_PLANID The PlanId specified is not valid.
INVALID_PUT_RECIPIENT_SIGNATURE_ATTRIBUTE Invalid attribute specified for updating recipient signature.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_ID A recipient ID is missing or invalid.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_SETTING_VALUE Recipient setting value is not an allowed value.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_STATUS_FOR_CORRECT Invalid recipient status for correct.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_STATUS_FOR_DELETE Invalid recipient status for delete.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_SUBJECT Invalid Recipient Subject.
INVALID_RELATED_FIELD Invalid related field sequence.
INVALID_RELATED_FIELD Invalid related field sequence.
INVALID_REQUEST_BODY The request body is missing or improperly formatted.
INVALID_REQUEST_PARAMETER The request contained at least one invalid parameter.
INVALID_REQUEST_RESPONSE_OVERRIDE_FORMAT The URL override format is not supported. Use supported formats such as .json or .xml.
INVALID_SALESFORCE_CREDENTIALS Invalid Salesforce credentials.
INVALID_SESSION_TIMEOUT_VALUE The Session Timeout value is not valid.
INVALID_SIGNATURE_STATUS Invalid status specified for signature.
INVALID_SOCIAL_ACCOUNT Social account information provided is invalid.
INVALID_SOCIAL_INFORMATION The Social Provider information specified is not valid.
INVALID_SOCIAL_PROVIDER Social Provider is not valid.
INVALID_SOCIAL_USER_NAME Social Provider User Name is not valid.
INVALID_STATE The State/Province is not valid in the system.
INVALID_TAB_FORMULA The Tab formula is not valid.
INVALID_TAB_OPERATION The Tab specified is not valid for the requested operation.
INVALID_TABID Invalid TabId specified.
INVALID_TOKEN Invalid_Token.
INVALID_TOKEN_FORMAT The security token format does not conform to expected schema.
INVALID_URI The URI is not valid.
INVALID_USER_OFFSET The specified User Offset exceeds the page boundaries.
INVALID_USERNAME The user name is invalid.
INVALID_USERNAME_FOR_RECIPIENT The user name for the recipient is invalid.
INVALID_WATERMARK The watermark is invalid.
INVALID_WATERMARK_PREVIEW There is an error generating Watermark preview.
INVALID_WORKSPACE_NAME Workspace name is invalid.
INVALID_WORKSPACE_NAME Workspace name is invalid.
INVALID_XML_SCHEMA Invalid Xml schema.
INVALIDAUTHENTICATIONSETUP Authentication is not setup correctly for the recipient.
INVOICE_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The InvoiceID did not identify an Invoice in the system.
INVOICE_PDF_NOT_AVAILABLE The Invoice PDF is not available.
JANRAIN_REQUEST_ERROR Janrain request Error.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_ADDRESSLINE1 Address Line 1 length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_ADDRESSLINE2 Address Line 2 length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_CITY City length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_COUNTRY Country length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_CREDIT_CARD_NAME Credit Card Cardholder Name length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_EMAIL Email length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_FAX Fax length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_FIRSTNAME First Name length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_LASTNAME Last Name length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_PHONE Phone length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_POSTALCODE Postal Code length exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_RECIPIENT_CUSTOMFIELD1 CustomField1 maximum length Exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_RECIPIENT_CUSTOMFIELD2 CustomField2 Maximum length Exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_RECIPIENT_CUSTOMFIELD3 CustomField3 maximum length Exceeded.
LENGTH_EXCEEDED_STATE State/Province length exceeded.
MAX_ACCOUNTS_EXCEEDED The maximum number of accounts was exceeded.
MAX_BCC_ADDRESSES_EXCEEDED The maximum number of BCC email addresses has been exceeded.
MAX_CONNECT_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION_EXCEEDED Maximum number of connect custom configuration exceeded.
MAX_MEMBERS_EXCEEDED The maximum number of members for the account has been exceeded.
MAX_SALE_DISCOUNT_PERIODS_EXCEEDED The maximum sale discount period has been exceeded.
MAX_TABS_EXCEEDED The maximum number of tabs was exceeded.
MESSAGE_LOCKED Message is locked.
METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED The HTTP method specified is not allowed with this resource.
METHOD_NOT_IMPLEMENTED The method specified is not implemented.
MOBILE_NOTIFIER_CONFIG_FAILED Mobile notifier configuration failed.
MULTIPLESATABSONDOCUMENT More than one signer attachment tab is placed on a signer attachment document for a recipient.
MUST_DELETE_SUBFOLDERS You must delete all sub-folders first before you can delete this folder.
MUST_ENABLE_SIGNONPAPER EnableWetSign must be set on the envelope.
MUST_MOVE_ENVELOPES_BEFORE_DELETE You must move all of the envelopes before you can delete this folder.
NAR_NOT_ENABLED_FOR_USER NAR not enabled for user.
NAR_UNABLE_TO_VALIDATE_CREDENTIALS NAR not able to validate NRDs ID and NRDs Last Name.
NAR_USER_NOT_ACTIVE NAR user not active.
NO_DOCUMENT_RECEIVED The document element did not contain the encoded document, or there is a problem with the encoding.
NO_SECURITY_APPLIANCES_CONFIGURED No Security Appliances configured on account.
NOT_ELIGIBLE_FOR_RENEWAL_CANCELLATION Not eligible for renewal cancellation.
NOT_SUPPORTED Functionality not supported.
OAUTH_ERROR An OAuth2 error occurred.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_CLIENTUSERID_REQUIRED ClientUserId is required for offline signer.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_DATETIME_INVALID Invalid value specified for offline DateTime.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_DELIVERY_METHOD_MUST_BE_SIGNER DeliveryMethod of offline is only allowed for signer recipients.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_DOCUMENTS_REQUIRED Documents are required for offline signing.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_DUPLICATE_RECIPIENTS Must have distinct email and username for all offline recipients.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_INVALID_DRAFT_ENVELOPE Draft envelopes are not allowed for offline signing.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_INVALID_SIGNER_ROUTING_ORDER Invalid offline signer routing order.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_INVALID_TAB_TYPE Invalid tab type specified for offline signing.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_NOT_ALLOWED Offline signing not allowed.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_SIGNEDDATETIME_REQUIRED ‘signedDateTime’ must be specified for offline recipients.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_SIGNER_TABS_REQUIRED Offline signer must have at least one signature or initials tab.
OFFLINE_SIGNING_TAB_IMAGE_REQUIRED Signature image not provided for offline signature or initials tab.
ONESIGNALLSIGN_NOT_SATISFIED Freeform signing is not allowed for your account because it conflicts with other settings, please place signing tabs for each signer.
PAGE_IMAGE_NOT_FOUND The page image specified was not found.
PAGE_IMAGE_NOT_RETRIEVED The page image is not available.
PARTNER_APP_CREATION_NOT_ALLOWED Partner application creation not allowed in this environment.
PARTNER_APP_NAME_REQUIRED Partner application Name is required.
PARTNER_APP_REDIRECT_URI_INVALID Partner application Redirect URI is invalid.
PARTNER_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED The specified Integrator Key was not found or is disabled.
PARTNER_INVALID_CLIENT_ID Invalid Client Id provided.
PARTNER_NO_AUTHORITY_FOR_SENDER The sender specified is not part of a group that the Partner is authorized to send for.
PAYMENT_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The Payment does not exist in the system.
PAYMENT_NOT_VALID The Payment is not valid.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_EXISTS A payment processor already exists for the specified account.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_FEATURE_NOT_ALLOWED The payment processing feature is not allowed.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_INVALID_CREDENTIALS Invalid payment processor credentials.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_INVALID_CURRENCY The currency is invalid for this payment processor.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_NOT_ADDED Unable to add payment processor.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_NOT_AVAILABLE The payment processor is not available.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_NOT_UPDATED Unable to update payment processor.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_TYPE_CANNOT_BE_MODIFIED The type cannot be changed for an existing payment processor.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_TYPE_EXISTS A payment processor already exists for the specified type.
PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The requested payment processor type is not supported.
PDF_NOT_FOUND PDF was not found.
PDF_NOT_FOUND PDF was not found.
PDF_VALIDATION_FAILED The validation of the PDF file failed.
PERMISSION_PROFILE_ID_DOES_NOT_MATCH_PERMISSION_PROFILE_NAME Either permission profile Id or permission profile name is invalid is invalid.
PLAN_ITEM_NOT_ENABLED A requested plan item is not enabled for this account.
PLAN_START_DATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The current account plan start date does not exist in the system.
POWERFORMS_DIGITALCERTS_FREE_FORM_TABS_NOT_ALLOWED Signers that are required to use a digital certificate must have at least one required, non-conditional Signature or Initials tab.
POWERFORMS_DIGITALCERTS_MARKUP_NOT_ALLOWED Document markup is not allowed because a digital certificate is required for a signer.
POWERFORMS_DIGITALCERTS_MULTIPLE_RECIPIENTS_ROUTING_ORDER Signers that are required to use a digital certificate must be the only recipient in a routing order. Please edit the routing order or remove the digital certificate requirement.
POWERFORMS_DIGITALCERTS_SHARED_TABS_NOT_ALLOWED Shared tags are not allowed because a digital certificate is required for a signer.
POWERFORMS_DIRECT_NOT_ENABLED Direct signing mode is not enabled for PowerForms.
POWERFORMS_INCOMPLETE_RECIPIENT Recipient UserName, Email or Role not set.
POWERFORMS_NOT_ADMIN User lacks permission, not a PowerForms admin.
POWERFORMS_NOT_ENABLED PowerForms is not enabled on the account.
POWERFORMS_NOT_USER User lacks permission, not a PowerForms user.
POWERFORMS_POWERFORMID_NOT_FOUND The PowerForm specified was not found
POWERFORMS_RECIPIENT_DENIED_DOCUMENTS Recipient denied access to documents.
POWERFORMS_TEMPLATE_FIRST_RECIPIENT Invalid template, the first recipient in the routing order must be a role recipient.
POWERFORMS_USESREMAINING_REQUIRED Uses remaining is required when max use is enabled.
PURCHASED_ENVELOPES_NOT_ADDED Purchased envelopes not added.
RECIPIENT_ALREADY_EXISTS_IN_ENVELOPE This recipientId already exists.
RECIPIENT_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED Recipient has not passed authentication steps.
RECIPIENT_CORRECT_SUCCESS_DECLINE_TO_SIGN_FAILED Recipient correct succeed, but Decline to Sign failed.
RECIPIENT_DELETE_FAILED The recipient could not be deleted.
RECIPIENT_HAS_FAILED_SECURITY_CHECK The requested user has failed the security check for the requested envelope. Correct the envelope to continue.
RECIPIENT_HAS_INVALID_ROUTINGORDER The specified recipient has invalid Routing Order.
RECIPIENT_MUST_BE_VALID_USER Account settings indicate the recipient must be an active DocuSign user.
RECIPIENT_NO_ACCESS Recipient does not have permission to access document.
RECIPIENT_NOT_ACCOUNTLESS Recipient must not have an active account.
RECIPIENT_NOT_CAPTIVE The specified recipient is not a captive recipient. This operation requires a captive recipient.
RECIPIENT_NOT_FOUND_FOR_CORRECTION The specified User is not a recipient of the specified envelope.
RECIPIENT_NOT_IN_SEQUENCE The token for an out of sequence recipient cannot be generated.
RECIPIENT_NOT_SIGNER Recipient is not a signer type.
RECIPIENT_SMS_AUTH_MISSING Recipient SMS authentication specified but information missing.
RECIPIENT_SMS_AUTH_PHONE_MISSING SMS authentication phone number cannot be empty.
RECIPIENT_UPDATE_FAILED The recipient could not be updated.
RECIPIENTS_LOCKED Recipients are locked and cannot be modified.
RECIPIENTS_NOT_PROVIDED No recipients were found in the request.
REDUNDANT_API_DOCUMENT_ACCESS Redundant API document access violation
REGULAREXPRESSION_IS_INVALID The regular expression provided is not valid.
REPORT_DATA_INVALID Report data is invalid.
REPORT_DATE_INVALID No date value was provided or the date provided was null.
REPORT_DOES_NOT_EXIST The Enterprise Report being requested does not exist.
REPORT_DUPLICATE_NAME_EXISTS You have already saved a report by this name.
REPORT_EXECUTION_FAILED The Enterprise Report failed to execute.  See additional information for more details.
REPORT_MAX_SAVED_REPORTS_EXCEEDED You have reached the maximum number of saved reports. Please deactivate one and try again.
REPORT_MAX_SCHEDULED_EXCEEDED You have reached the maximum number of scheduled reports. Please deactivate one and try again.
REPORT_MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETER Report is missing a required parameter.
REPORT_MULTIPLE_MATCHES_FOUND The Enterprise Report could not be executed because more than one report match the query/filter provided.
REPORT_QUERY_INVALID No Enterprise Report data could be returned because one or more query/filter parameters was invalid.
REPORT_QUERY_PARAMETER_TYPES_INCONSISTENT Query parameter types are not consistent.
REPORT_QUERY_PARAMETERS_EXCEED_EXPECTED Too many query parameters specified.
REPORT_REQUIRED_PARAMETER_NOT_SET A parameter is not set for the report.
REPORT_SCHEDULE_ALREADY_EXISTS Report schedule already exists.
REPORT_SCHEDULE_CREATION_FAILED Report schedule could not be created.
REPORT_SCHEDULE_INVALID_OPTION Invalid option for report schedule.
REPORT_SUBSCRIPTION_FAILED Report subscription failed.
REPORT_TIMEZONE_INVALID The timezone offset specified is invalid.
REPORT_XML_INVALID Report Xml is invalid.
REQUIRE_ALL_SHARED_TAB_NOT_ENABLED Allow Shared Tabs is not enabled on account.
REQUIRE_ALL_SHARED_TAB_NOT_SET Shared must be set to ‘true’ when setting ‘Require All’ to ‘true’.
REQUIRED_ADDRESS The address is required.
REQUIRED_ADDRESSLINE1 Address Line 1 is required.
REQUIRED_CITY City is required.
REQUIRED_COUNTRY Country is required.
REQUIRED_CREDIT_CARD_NAME Credit Card Cardholder Name is required.
REQUIRED_EMAIL Email is required.
REQUIRED_FIRSTNAME First Name is required.
REQUIRED_LASTNAME Last Name is required.
REQUIRED_POSTALCODE Postal Code is required.
REQUIRED_SECURITY_CHECK_URL_MISSING A security check was specified for the recipient but the appropriate callback URL was not provided.
REQUIRED_STATE State/Province is required.
REQUIRED_TAB_INCOMPLETE A Required field is incomplete.
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND The URL provided does not resolve to a resource.
ROLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST The role does not exist.
SATABONNONSADOCUMENT A signer attachment tab is placed on a non-signer attachment document (a document without an AttachmentDescription).
SENDER_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The UserName and Email did not identify a sender in the system.
SENDER_REQUIRED_FIELD_CANNOT_BE_DELETED Sender required fields cannot be deleted from envelope.
SENDER_REQUIRED_FIELD_NOT_ALLOWED Property ‘sender required’ can only be set/modified on ‘Text’ or ‘Drop Down’ tags on a template.
SENDER_REQUIRED_FIELD_NOT_SATISFIED Not all ‘sender required fields’ have been populated.
SHARE_TYPE_NOT_VALID Share Type for template sharing has to be shared_to or not_shared
SHARED_TEMPLATE_FOLDERS_CAN_ONLY_BE_MOVED_TO_SHARED_TEMPLATE_FOLDERS Shared templates folder can only be moved inside shared template folders
SHARED_TEMPLATE_NOT_CREATOR Shared Templates can only be moved by the creator of the template.
SHARED_VIEW_LINK_NOT_ALLOWED Shared view links not allowed.
SIGNATURE_NOT_FOUND The signature specified was not found.
SIGNER_CERTIFICATE_PROVIDER_NOT_SET PKI Certificate Provider is not set.
SIGNER_CERTIFICATE_RECIPIENT_TYPE_INVALID RequireSignerCertificate can only be used for Recipient Type Signer and InPersonSigner
SIGNER_CERTIFICATE_REQUIRED_TAB_ERROR RequireSignerCertificate specified but no required SignHere or InitialHere tabs are present.
SIGNER_CERTIFICATE_ROUTING_ORDER_ERROR When RequireSignerCertificate is specified, there must not be another recipient at the same routing order.
SIGNER_CERTIFICATE_SETTINGS_CONFLICT RequireSignerCertificate conflicts with another envelope setting.
SIGNER_CERTIFICATE_TYPE_NOT_ENABLED Signer certificate type not enabled for account.
SIGNER_CERTIFICATE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED Signer certificate type not supported.
SIGNER_RECIPIENT_HAS_NO_SIGNABLE_TABS One or more Signer type recipients have not been assigned any signable tabs.
SIGNING_GROUP_CANNOT_UPDATE_GROUPTYPE Update of signing group groupType is not allowed.
SIGNING_GROUP_CAPTIVE_RECIPIENT_NOT_ALLOWED Captive recipient not allowed to be a signing group.
SIGNING_GROUP_CAPTIVE_RECIPIENT_NOT_ALLOWED Captive recipient not allowed to be a signing group.
SIGNING_GROUP_FAX_DELIVERY_NOT_ALLOWED Fax delivery is not allowed with signing groups.
SIGNING_GROUP_FAX_DELIVERY_NOT_ALLOWED Fax delivery is not allowed with signing groups.
SIGNING_GROUP_INVALID Invalid signing group supplied.
SIGNING_GROUP_INVALID Invalid signing group supplied.
SIGNING_GROUP_MAX_GROUPNAME_LENGTH_EXCEEDED Maximum length exceeded for group name.
SIGNING_GROUP_MAX_REACHED Maximim signing groups reached.
SIGNING_GROUP_MAX_REACHED Maximum signing groups reached.
SIGNING_GROUP_MAX_USERS_REACHED Maximum users in a signing group reached.
SIGNING_GROUP_MAX_USERS_REACHED Maximum users in a signing group reached.
SIGNING_GROUP_SMS_AUTH_NOT_ALLOWED SMS authentication is not allowed with signing groups.
SIGNING_GROUP_SMS_AUTH_NOT_ALLOWED SMS authentication is not allowed with signing groups.
SMS_AUTHENTICATION_NOT_ALLOWED SMS Authentication not allowed.
SOBO_USER_NOT_ALLOWED A ‘Send on Behalf Of’ user is not permitted for this operation.
SOCIAL_LOGIN_NOT_ENABLED Social login not enabled on account.
SOCIAL_PROVIDER_ALREADY_MAPPED This social provider account is already mapped in the system.
SUBSCRIPTION_ERROR There is an error with the subscription.
SUBSCRIPTION_FAILED The subscription failed.
SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_FOUND The subscription was not found.
TAB_MERGEFIELD_VALUE_NOT_RETRIEVED A Mergefield value for a Tab could not be retrieved.
TAB_NOT_FOUND Tab specified was not found.
TAB_OUT_OF_BOUNDS Tab is placed off of the page.
TAB_PAGE_NUMBER_NOT_SPECIFIED Page number not specified in tab element.
TAB_PAGENUMBER_IS_NOT_IN_DOCUMENT The pagenumber specified in the tab element is not in the document that the tab refers to.
TAB_REFERS_TO_MISSING_DOCUMENT The DocumentId specified in the tab element does not refer to a document in this envelope.
TAB_REFERS_TO_MISSING_RECIPIENT The RecipientId specified in the tab element does not refer to a recipient of this envelope.
TEMPLATE_ADDITIONALTABS_ERROR Unable to add AdditionalTabs from Templates to Envelope.
TEMPLATE_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED Not authorized to change template.
TEMPLATE_CANNOT_ADD_DOCUMENT Cannot add the document for the template.
TEMPLATE_CANNOT_USE_ENVELOPEID_FOR_TEMPLATE_OPERATION Cannot use an envelope id for a template operation.
TEMPLATE_DOCUMENTID_MAPPING_INVALID The document ID has already been used.
TEMPLATE_FOLDER_NOT_EMPTY The template folder isn’t empty
TEMPLATE_ID_INVALID Invalid template ID.
TEMPLATE_IS_SHARED Template already shared
TEMPLATE_MERGE_INVALID_ROUTE_ORDER The routing order of the recipients is not valid.
TEMPLATE_NOT_PROVIDED Template was not provided.
TEMPLATE_NOT_SHARED Template has not been shared
TEMPLATE_OVERRIDE_ENVELOPEINFORMATION_ERROR Unable to override Envelope data from EnvelopeInformation.
TEMPLATE_OVERRIDE_RECIPIENTDATA_ERROR Unable to override recipient data from Recipients to Envelope.
TEMPLATE_PASSWORD_REQUIRED This user lacks sufficient permissions to access this resource. A password is required to edit this template.
TEMPLATE_RECIPIENTID_FOR_ROLE_NOTFOUND Recipient ID not found in the Recipient list for the role.
TEMPLATE_REQUIRED_RECIP_NOT_SATISFIED Required recipient in the template has not been provided.
TEMPLATE_ROLESPECIFIED_DOES_NOT_EXIST Role does not exist in the template.
TEMPLATE_TO_ENVELOPE_ERROR Unable to transform Template and data to Envelope.
TEMPLATE_UNABLE_TO_FLATTEN_PDF Unable to flatting PDF for the Template.
TEMPLATE_UNABLE_TO_LOAD Unable to load template.
TEMPLATE_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_FIELDDATA Unable to load field data from PDF.
TEMPLATE_UNABLE_TO_PROCESS_FIELDDATA Unable to process field data for the Template.
TEMPLATE_UPLOAD_NOT_ALLOWED Template upload not allowed.
TO_FOLDER_NOT_FOUND Destination folder doesn’t exist
TRANSACTIONID_DOES_NOT_EXIST The transaction ID does not exist.
TRANSACTIONID_REDUNDANT The transaction ID has already been submitted.
TRANSACTIONID_UNABLE_TO_SUBMIT Unable to submit the transaction for processing.
UNABLE_TO_CLONE_ENVELOPE Unable to clone the specified envelope.
UNABLE_TO_CONVERT_DOCUMENT System was unable to convert this document to a PDF.
UNABLE_TO_DELETE_DOCUMENT Unable to delete document.
UNABLE_TO_LOAD_DOCUMENT Unable to load the document.
UNABLE_TO_PURGE_DOCUMENTS Unable to purge documents.
UNKNOWN_ENVELOPE_RECIPIENT The recipient you have identified is not a valid recipient of the specified envelope.
UNSPECIFIED_ERROR_IN_BILLING_SYSTEM An error occurred in the billing system.
UNSPECIFIED_ERROR_PROCESSING_PAYMENT A payment processing error occurred in the billing system.
USER_ALREADY_EXISTS_IN_ACCOUNT Username and email combination already exists for this account.
USER_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED One or both of Username and Password are invalid.
USER_AWAITING_ACTIVATION This user name and email are awaiting activation.
USER_CREDENTIALS_ARE_EXTERNALLY_MANAGED User credentials are managed by an external identity provider.
USER_DOES_NOT_BELONG_TO_SPECIFIED_ACCOUNT The specified User is not a member of the specified account.
USER_DOES_NOT_EXIST_IN_SYSTEM The UserID did not identify a User in the system.
USER_LACKS_MEMBERSHIP The UserID does not have a valid membership in this account.
USER_LACKS_PERMISSIONS This User lacks sufficient permissions.
USER_LACKS_RECIPIENTEMAILNOTIFICATION_PERMISSION Account or user does not have permission to set recipient email notifications.
USER_MERGE_FAILED The user merge failed
USER_MERGE_FAILED The user merge failed
USER_NOT_ACCOUNT_ADMIN User is not an account administrator.
USER_NOT_ENVELOPE_OWNER This user lacks sufficient permissions to access this resource. The user is not the owner of the envelope.
USER_NOT_ENVELOPE_SENDER This user is not the sender of the envelope. Only the sender of the envelope may perform the requested operation.
USER_NOT_ENVELOPE_SENDER_OR_RECIPIENT This user is not the sender or a recipient of the envelope. Only the sender or a recipient of the envelope may perform the requested operation.
USER_NOT_FOLDER_OWNER The user does not own the folder
USER_NOT_FOUND No User was found for given criteria.
USER_NOT_RECIPIENT User is not a recipient.
USER_NOT_TEMPLATE_OWNER This user lacks sufficient permissions to access this resource. The user is not the owner of the template.
USERNAME_IS_NOT_ALLOWED The specified username(s) and email(s) are not in our system and the email does not allow new users.
USERS_IN_PERMISSION_PROFILE There are users still associated to this permission profile.
WATERMARK_DISABLED Watermark is disabled.
WATERMARK_UPDATE_FAILED Watermark could not be updated.
WORKSPACE_DATA_ERROR An unexpected data issue occurred.
WORKSPACE_DATA_ERROR_MAXIMUM_ATTEMPTS The maximum number of blob write attempts was exceeded.
WORKSPACE_DOES_NOT_EXIST The workspace does not exist or permission denied.
WORKSPACE_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST The workspace file does not exist.
WORKSPACE_FILEAUTHORIZATION_CANNOT_UPDATE_OWNER Cannot update a file owner’s permissions to that file or a workspace owner’s permissions to any file.
WORKSPACE_FILEAUTHORIZATION_FILE_IS_PUBLIC Cannot update or retrieve a public file’s permissions.
WORKSPACE_FILEAUTHORIZATION_INVALID_PERMISSIONS CanView must always be enabled for any other file permission.
WORKSPACE_FOLDER_CANNOT_MOVE Cannot move a workspace folder into its own nested folder.
WORKSPACE_FOLDER_DOES_NOT_EXIST The workspace folder does not exist.
WORKSPACE_FOLDER_IS_NOT_EMPTY The workspace folder is not empty and cannot be deleted.
WORKSPACE_IS_CLOSED The workspace is closed and cannot be modified.”)]
WORKSPACE_NOT_ON_THIS_SITE This action can only be requested on the site where the workspace lives.
WORKSPACE_TOTALFILESIZE_EXCEEDED The maximum amount of file storage was exceeded.
WORKSPACE_USER_DOES_NOT_EXIST The workspace participant does not exist.