Resource Limits

This topic describes various API resource limits.

File Size Limits

DocuSign has the following limitations on files used in envelopes and as attachments:

  • There is a limit of 25MB per upload to an envelope.
  • There is a file size limit of 5MB when attaching completed documents to emails sent by DocuSign to recipients when an envelope is completed. If the completed documents are larger than 5MB, the email provides a link to the documents on the DocuSign system.
  • For signer-uploaded attachment files (files uploaded through the console) DocuSign supports files sizes up to 25MB for an envelope.

There is no limit on the number of files that can be added to an envelope. If you have multiple files whose combined size is greater than 25MB, you can create a draft envelope and upload them in batches of 25MB or less.

Be aware that depending on the recipient’s internet connection, attaching large files or a large number of files might affect signing performance.

API Rules and Limits

To maintain reliability and stability within our demo and production environments, DocuSign has the following API rules and rate limits in place:

  1. You may not exceed 1,000 API requests per account per hour. This limit applies to every request.

  2. You may not exceed one GET request per unique envelope endpoint per 15 minutes. This limit applies to endpoints such as GET /accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/...

Hourly API usage is tracked from the start of one hour (for example: 12:00) to start of the next hour (for example: 13:00).

For example, the following set of requests are in violation of API rules since more than one GET request is made on envelope AAA within 15 minutes (each * represents a rule violation):

[12:00:00] POST /accounts/12345/envelopes
[12:01:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA 
[12:02:00] POST /accounts/12345/envelopes
[12:03:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/BBB
[12:04:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA *

The following transactions also violate API rules due to the repeated GET requests to the first document and second recipient:

[12:00:00] POST /accounts/12345/envelopes
[12:01:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/documents/1
[12:02:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/recipients/2
[12:03:00] POST /accounts/12345/envelopes
[12:04:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/documents/1 *
[12:05:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/recipients/2 *

However, the following set of requests comply with API rules and limits and would not be flagged by the platform:

[12:00:00] POST /accounts/12345/envelopes
[12:01:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA
[12:16:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA
[12:17:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/documents/1 
[12:32:00] GET  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/documents/1 
[12:40:00] PUT  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/recipients/1
[12:41:00] PUT  /accounts/12345/envelopes/AAA/recipients/1 

If you exceed the API rate limit, you will receive an error: ‘The maximum number of hourly API invocations has been exceeded.’

DocuSign recommends using webhooks to help avoid excessive API requests.

Monitoring Your API Usage

You can monitor your application’s API usage by checking the X-RateLimit-* headers included with most DocuSign REST API responses.

The Rate Limit headers are not included with all responses, and your code should take this into consideration. They may or may not be included when an error is detected in an API request. They are also not included for some calls.

If a response does not include a Rate Limit header, the most recently received values are still valid.

Example API Limit Header Fields

X-RateLimit-Limit: 1000
X-RateLimit-Remaining: 996
X-RateLimit-Reset: 1425967200

There are a number of ways to minimize API impact, such as:

  • Use bulk operations to request status.
  • Use DocuSign’s event notification feature.
  • Refrain from repeatedly requesting information on envelopes that are in terminal state (Completed, Declined or Voided.)

If you have implemented these recommendations, and your application still requires more than 1,000 calls per hour per account, please visit our Contact Support page for contact options to reach DocuSign Customer Support for assistance in working on a solution.

If you have any questions visit our active StackOverflow community (tagged “docusign-api”) to ask and answer questions.