Signature REST API

DocuSign is the most secure and globally trusted platform for adding legally binding signatures, forms, and document workflows to your web, mobile, or desktop app or service. With the DocuSign Signature APIs you get the flexibility and control for any integration, from the smallest to the most complex enterprise application or ISV service.

Using DocuSign Signature APIs you can:

  • Request legally binding signatures on virtually any type of document
  • Embed the signing or sending workflow into your UI
  • Track documents in real-time
  • Retrieve form-field data
  • Enforce multi-factor recipient authentication
  • Much more…

Getting Started with the Signature APIs

Key API Resources



Visit our active StackOverflow community (questions are tagged “docusignapi”) to ask and answer questions. StackOverflow questions are actively monitored and answered by DocuSign staff. Questions are also answered by other members of the DocuSign Developer Community.

Want more help?

Contact DocuSign Professional Services for expert API assistance or consult with our Value-Added Reseller and System Integration partners.